We hold monthly webinars which help family caregivers as well as professionals working with family caregivers.

Details on our upcoming webinars follow. If you’d like to register for both webinars (one is for family caregivers, the other is for professionals working with family caregivers), simply register for one. You’ll be redirected back to this page to register for the second. Once you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your webinar details

View our list of archived caregiving webinars.

And, view our list of archived webinars for professionals who work with family caregivers.

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Webinars For Family Caregivers (typically scheduled for the last Wednesday of every month at 11 a.m. CT) Here’s this month’s webinar:

We hold webinars for family caregivers on the last Wednesday of every month at Noon ET. This month, we have two additional webinars. Details on all three upcoming webinars follow.

Topic: Results of Our 2014 Annual Family Caregiver Survey
Day and Time:
October 9, 2014 at Noon ET (11 a.m. CT, 9 a.m. PT)

What’s caregiving like for other family caregivers? Denise will share the results of our 2014 Annual Family Caregiver Survey in this 45-minute webinar. Learn what’s difficult for others who care for a family member and how their perspective of their experiences.

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Topic: Spring Me: I’m Tired of Feeling Like Crap, a free webinar
Day and Time: October 15, 2014 at 3 p.m. ET (2 p.m. CT, Noon PT)

In this 45-minute webinar, Denise Brown, Founder, CareGiving.com offers five tools to help you feel better.

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Topic: Creating Your Self-Care Plan, a free webinar
Day and Time: Wednesday, October 29 at Noon ET (11 a.m. CT, 9 a.m. PT)

You hear this all the time: When you care for another, you have to take care of yourself. The problem is that no one ever tells you exactly how to do this. How in the world, when your world is full of too much to do with too few hands and too little time, do you take care of yourself? You just need a plan. Just like your caree has a plan of care, so do you. Every Thursday, you can stop by Caregiving.com to receive your care plan which helps you tap into and replenish your well. In this webinar, we’ll walk you through your care plan and offer suggestions so you can make the best use of your plan.

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Webinars for Professionals who Work with Family Caregivers

Please check back for our next scheduled webinar.

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