The Gift of Support and Care

As family caregivers, we all need outlets, good resources and caregiving friends who understand our caregiving journey. Being a member of is like having an extended family where you find your outlet, your good resources and great friends. Being a part of is like having an extended family which is all put together with the soothing style of Denise Brown. If you are a family caregiver, about to be a family caregiver, visit Caregiving and join our extended family. I know you’ll feel the love and support that we all need during our caregiving journey. — Chris, who cares for his partner (You can visit Chris at his profile page: @thpurplejacket.)

Before Denise and the community’s support, I felt alone while navigating my Mom’s caregiving journey. Now, I can blog as much as I like on the website and I adore that creative end of it. I get extra support from my friends on the website too which is so important. I try to enter the daily member chats to get support too. I love this part also. I am so happy to have found and to have joined. It could not have been a better choice nor opportunity for me in my present lifestyle and happenstance. — Gail, who cares for her mom (You can visit Gail at her profile page: @gail.)

We are all looking for a place to belong, where like-minded people are, who can answer questions, help us through a rough patch or just someone to whom we can vent our frustrations. The only place I’ve found that covers all of these areas and more is I hate to steal a Cheer’s reference, but it says it all. “Come to a place where everyone knows your name.” We all have different primary care issues but all have the issues that come out of them–stress, concern, happiness, worry, organization. So why not share them with other like minded caregivers. — Richard cares for his mother, co-cares for his brother-in-law and is a caree himself (You can visit Richard at his profile page: @kreisler.)

We’d love for you to join our community on! is just for you; it’s your place to share, connect, vent and receive. Create your free account and join us.

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  1. My experience has also shown that caregivers connected with a support network always do much better. They’re emotionally better, better informed, and provide better care.

    • I hope you are right! I feel like this is never ending and I know when its the end I will need more than my family. I guess at least I can recognize I need more understanding. Thanks for this insite on this site!

  2. My family is new caregivers which consist of myself, my son, and my husband who is also a caree. Mom in law has dementia and my husband has chronic regional pain syndrome/ RSD. My son has stepped up and moved in with mom. Days are difficult but nights are a blessing! I’m glad I found this site. We feel disconnected with family and friends! It would be nice to connect with people who understand what our family may be going through.

  3. Barb, I am so glad that you found this site. You certainly have a lot on your plate.

    Denise and all of the caregivers who share here have been a real blessing to me. It’s easy to feel isolated, as caregivers, because we have SO many demands on our time and those who have not been there cannot truly comprehend the emotional, physical and often financial drain that caregiving places on you. Everyone’s caregiving experience & situation is unique, but we all experience similar emotions and difficulties.

    Hugs, Karen

    • Thanks 4 the hugs Karen. They are few and far between. Tonight is the first night in a long time that I am alone more than 30 min. feels great! I was able to see mom and chat for a few moments that were priceless. She is on new meds and its getting hard to talk with her. But she keeps asking for her mom and dad! She looks at me like she doesn’t understand they have been gone more than 40 yrs. I’m telling her they are happy and together! That works for now! Have a good week!

  4. It’s important to keep the positive in mind when caring for an aging parent. While caregiving is an emotional, physical and financial commitment, keep in mind the fact that this parent invested the emotional, physical and financial challenges when you were growing up under their roof.

  5. I am the proud wife of a Viet Nam vet, he has been diagnosed with alzheimers and there is no help out there. He is service connected (bladder cancer, prostate cancer and diabetes 50%, has had 6 back surgeries that did not help. He has the pre cursors for multiple myeloma, trying to get the VA to admit he has it so his check will get in creased as it is one of the illnesses they cover. I work fulltime so we can have medical benefits, I am constantly taking off to take care of him. The post 911 caregivers program is a disgrace to the older vets who also fought in war time and are told nopt cannot help you. Aid in Attendace he would have to give up his disabilty check to get maybe $200 extra and then he cannot claim a disabiltiy if one arises. I am so tired of the red tape and not being able to get help. Congress needs to change this program and help all Veterans.


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