As family caregivers, we all need outlets, good resources and caregiving friends who understand our caregiving journey. Being a member of is like having an extended family where you find your outlet, your good resources and great friends. Being a part of is like having an extended family which is all put together with the soothing style of Denise Brown. If you are a family caregiver, about to be a family caregiver, visit Caregiving and join our extended family. I know you’ll feel the love and support that we all need during our caregiving journey. — Chris, who cares for his partner (You can visit Chris at his profile page: @thpurplejacket.)

Before Denise and the community’s support, I felt alone while navigating my Mom’s caregiving journey. Now, I can blog as much as I like on the website and I adore that creative end of it. I get extra support from my friends on the website too which is so important. I try to enter the daily member chats to get support too. I love this part also. I am so happy to have found and to have joined. It could not have been a better choice nor opportunity for me in my present lifestyle and happenstance. – Gail, who cares for her mom (You can visit Gail at her profile page: @gail.)

We are all looking for a place to belong, where like-minded people are, who can answer questions, help us through a rough patch or just someone to whom we can vent our frustrations. The only place I’ve found that covers all of these areas and more is I hate to steal a Cheer’s reference, but it says it all. “Come to a place where everyone knows your name.” We all have different primary care issues but all have the issues that come out of them–stress, concern, happiness, worry, organization. So why not share them with other like minded caregivers. — Richard cares for his mother, co-cares for his brother-in-law and is a caree himself (You can visit Richard at his profile page: @kreisler.)

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Founded by Denise M. Brown in 1996, was one of the first websites to incorporate online support groups, feature the blogs of family caregivers and add a social networking community. Denise’s insights about the family caregiver experience have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, US News and World Report, Reuters and Chicago Tribune as well as on and

A membership also makes a great gift for your parent, spouse, friend or other family member who cares. When you purchase the gift of a membership, we contact the gift recipient with details and information about their account.

Worried about how a membership will fit into a tight caregiving budget? Ask a family member or friend to purchase a membership for you as a gift. Or, email Denise to learn about scholarship options which cover the costs of a membership.

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If you care for a family member such a spouse, parent, partner, in-law, grandparent, sibling, child, aunt, uncle and friend, this is the site for you. (Please Note: If you are not a family caregiver and join, we’ll delete your account immediately and will donate your payment to our scholarship fund.)

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