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    LisaD - "I don’t know about other states but in Virginia personal care agencies won’t hire a spouse to care for their loved ones. However our local area agency on aging- Mountain Empire Older Citizens has a program called […]"View
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    Denise - "@lillie Here’s the link to join the First Photo group: :)"View
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    Jenn - "There are some journeys in daily life that are so personal, so individual, so private that we have to work through them ourselves and in our own way; no advice or coaching could help…….at least this is true […]"View
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    Lisa - "I’m hoping to catch up with everyone here this weekend! Feeling some better and learning a lot about stress and migraines – like THAT couldn’t happen! Hope everyone is well. Be blessed!"View
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    Meghan - "Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes for my husband’s surgery on Tuesday. everything went great and he is recovering well so far. According to him, he has minimal pain and doesn’t need the pain meds. I […]"View
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    Pegi - "@Denise. Eureka! Thanks you. :)"View
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    Richard - "Call out to one and all, Trish is sitting in the hospital with Robert who apparently has an issue in his c5-c6 vertebrae which they are thinking is causing his recent rapid decline. In next day or two they will […]"View
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    jill - "Ok guys Ineed you advice.For the past few weeks my husband has been having really bad mood swings. I realize that this is common for people with endstage renal failure. Plus considering all he has been through in […]"View
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    Trish - "Hi, everyone. The nurses said Robert tested positive for MRSA so I have to wear a yellow gown. (not my best look). The nurses said it isn’t really a problem right now but wondering who has had experience with this […]"View
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    jan - "Yesterday my mother refused to go to the daycare center, which I painstakingly arrange for her to attend, on the advice of her doctor. She has dementia, and creates crazy false stories that interfere with her […]"View
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    AnitaJ - "Today my husband will be going for a CT scan to find out if the chemotherapy study he is on is shrinking his tumors. These are really tough days, since you are waiting to find out whether your loved one is going […]"View
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    yolanda - "Everything with my Grandpa is going well nothing new which is great. My grandmother however is having more trouble with her memory/dementia. But as always hoping for the best!"View
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    Chris - "Nothing beats coming back from vacation to the beautiful new layout! Looking good!"View
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    Thedogmama - "When my caregiving day is almost more than I can handle, it is a blessing to have a gardener in the house. These are from Hubby’s garden."View
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    Gary - "Changes? New Directions? Burnout? Feedback? — Hi, Everybody. Time to update, and also to wish the best to my fellow caregivers here whose updates and news I continue to love to check in about when I can. […]"View
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    Jane - "Website looks awesome Denise :)"View
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    Sue - "Oh Happy Day! I am getting a 4 day break starting Friday! The first one in a year. I’m going to Santa Fe, New Mexico to the wedding of my best girl friend. I’m so excited. I have my wonderful caregiver team […]"View
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