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  • Thank you so much for your sweet note, @moviegoer. I am so enjoying using what I built. :)

    And, my sister still chooses to stay in the dark. It’s her choice.

    And, it’s good to see you!!

  • I just love reading all you are sharing with us. :)

    It feels like such a grind, doesn’t it? I love that you are giving yourself Saturdays. I think it helps to have something to look forward to that reminds you that you still have a choice.

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    I have a difficult time coping with how much my dad worries and focuses on the problems. The anxiety gets the best of me. :( This summer, I’ve been going to the community pool which feels like going to heaven. I also find it incredibly helpful to blog–I think of it as write and release.

    I’d love to know how others cope. I’m wondering if @kaz @hus…[Read more]

    • Oh My Gosh YES – my husb makes UP stuff to worry about!!!

      • We’ve been working really hard this summer to get Michael’s anxiety under control. The goal has been to show him that ER/hospital visits and overmedicating are band-aids, not true solutions to the problem, and that there are other tools he can acquire and put in his proverbial toolbox so that he has more and better options for both mitigating and…[Read more]

        • Thanks for such a detailed list of ideas, @hussy! I had just posted today that I wanted to do better at having healthy things in the “grab zone.” Those ideas are helpful! I love that you’re intentional about caring for yourself, and encouraging Michael to be part of his own self-care as well.

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    On every page (except the home page), look to your right and you’ll see “Latest Posts,” which is the list of the latest blog posts. Under that, you’ll see the list of the latest comments. Does that help? If I didn’t answer your question, just let me know. :)

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  • Yesterday morning, I listened to a discussion on one of our local radio stations about a survey of moms. The survey asked mothers, “What do you think you should do but don’t?”

    The moms responded that they think […]

    • I should do a better job of staying on top of my own self-care. I should do a better job of organizing our paperwork. I have made recent improvements on both fronts, but there is still room for improvement. :)

    • I should do better about getting my folks out of their apartment and over for family dinners.

    • I should fix healthier meals
      I should make my husband do more.
      I should think.more of myself.
      I think I should make more time for my sisters .

    • I should make my checkups a priority. I made an important appt in that regard. I should have more nutritious things in an “easy to grab” format.

  • Every Thursday, we have a care plan ready for you so you’re ready on Sunday to implement your plan.

    Each care plan also includes a new intention to build on what you do well. In our care plan, we define well t […]

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    Hi Anita! I’m glad to meet you and I’m glad you’re here. Know we understand.

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    Hi Lacey! I’m so glad you could stop by. I can only imagine how much you must miss your mom. We do have an “After Caregiving” chat on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT). Whenever you can, please feel free to join us. It can feel freeing to talk out how hard this is with others who completely understand.

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    Hi Joyce! I also work and provide care for my parents and am really feeling blah these days. We focus on being good company to each other knowing that the company of others who understand can be the best comfort. I’m glad you’ve joined us. :)

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    Hi Susan! Thanks so much for joining us. I’m looking forward to getting to know you. :)

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    Hi Sarahbeth!! Glad you joined us!!

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    Hi Angie–It’s awful to be in this situation–you have so much to do and so little help. My dad has refused help but I just went ahead and got the help anyway. “We need help,” I said, “so we’re getting it.” What would be most helpful to you right now? And, why do you think your mom is refusing the help?

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    Hi Lori–I am so sorry about your husband. I, too, hope the clinical trial works. Please know we understand so feel free to vent and share your worries.

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    Me, too!!! :)

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    Hi Karl–Thanks so much for joining us. Sounds like you’ve had to pick up the pieces, which means you’ve had to sort through a lot to figure out what’s been going on. We understand the stress, worry and weight of the responsibility. Please know we will do our best to help. :)

  • Wonderfully free hazelnut coffee at Panera.
    Sister stepped in because I’m working.
    I made my paying gig today.

  • We’ve planned activities and events for you during the month of September. And, we’ve put together prizes for you to win when your participate on throughout Septeember.

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