• Love this. I agree with Pegi — and Kudos to your son for doing the laundry! :D

  • Pegi, this is huge! I am thrilled his positive spirit has returned and that he is doing so much more on his own. You are both tremendous fighters and comrades in arms. (((Hugs)))

  • Hi, Richard — If your mom has put your name on her medical disclosure forms, I would think (and hope!) that you can contact her doctors directly to get the details. I find that sending them a clear, concise memo […]

  • Wonderful news on so many levels! Not only does the community stay together, but your work and the work of caregivers receive major recognition and support. This is a win-win-win all around. I especially hope […]

  • (I posted this early yesterday morning, but it seems not to have taken. Trying again.)

    Denise, I know you have struggled with this for quite a while and have given it everything that you could give. As painful […]

  • Pegi, I agree with Trish — for all that you both have been through, you have dusted yourselves off together. Through your shared strength you make each other stronger. And as Casandra has said, you strengthen […]

  • Thank goodness the psychiatrist had a clue! I’m very glad that was a straightforward issue to resolve — once it was recognized for what it was. Love the photo — I hope 2014 brings you some relief and peace.

  • Trish, I am so glad you got that massage and facial.

    As cuddly as they are, the dogs need to leave you two alone and use their own beds. Years ago we used to watch Cesar Millan’s The Dog Whisperer — he had […]

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    I am very grateful to the mattress store salesman for the literal hours he spent with us each time during our two visits, the most recent one on Monday. He showed my partner tremendous patience and was very […]

  • Casandra, when I think of what you and Marc have been through since you started blogging here, I truly am humbled — and what I’ve read constitutes a tiny part of what you’ve experienced. Burnout sucks even when […]

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    Great job, everyone!
    Jan. 9: 60 minutes, 14.25 miles on the mini-bike.
    Jan. 10: 60 minutes, 15 miles on the mini-bike PLUS 2.23-mile, 27:15-minute run.
    Jan. 11: 30 minutes, 7.25 miles on the mini-bike.
    Jan 12: […]

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    Love it! Great job! I’ll bet eating on the dining room table again is going to feel good. :-)

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    Larry, I applaud you for having your backup options in place, from your disaster plan to backup transportation. Even with the need for tweaking, I’d say you were very well prepared. I’m also glad your battery […]

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    Bob, I also get where you are coming from, from a psychological angle. My partner’s brain damage has her spinning her wheels, especially with emotional dysfunction and delusions. If I don’t watch myself I feel […]

  • ejourneys replied to the forum topic January 2014 in the group Group logo of Fit Family CaregiversVRide 1 year ago

    Jan. 8: 60 minutes, 13.5 miles on the mini-bike.

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    Thumbnail(From the Community Caregiving Journal 3-word prompts ARGH!!!!, Downhill, Aware.)

    Photos: My open journal notebook on my desk, circa 2007; the summit of a neighborhood hill; my drawing of crumpled […]

  • EG, I can identify with those Stealth Caregiver tactics! :-) I’m so glad you’ve got WA in your corner, too.

  • I love TDM’s metaphor. Good for you for taking the plunge! :D

  • Richard, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the new antidepressant and super edema medicine do the trick, and that the relief from both boosts your mom’s confidence. (((Hugs)))

  • First off, to Kari et al.: Your emotions are valid. Being a target sucks, and we are targets because we are there. That’s all it takes.
    I keep reminding myself that it’s the disease talking. I also remind […]

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