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    Wow! I can finally log into my account again. It’s been on-and-off for a while now. I’m on vacation on the Oregon coast with my family. As you can imagine, it took a lot of planning. Just shows me that we’ve got to make clearer plans on what we’ll do if there’s an emergency with any of our carees.

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    I’m exhausted. My manager, relocated to the Pacific Northwest. I miss her a lot. She always had my back and kept the crazy, demanding people at bay so I could actually do my work. Now I have an interim manager and I don’t feel like having to prove myself to yet another person yet again. And there’s my mom. It’s really difficult at times to see her…[Read more]

    • I was so happy to see you Kathleen! I read your note on Sunday evening–I’m sorry I’m slow to reply.

      The declines are so tough, aren’t they? How is your aunt?

      It must be so heartbreaking to feel helpless as to how to help your daughter. You must just worry so.

      Keep us posted as you can. If you ever want to start blogging, go for it! :)

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    Hi Denise,
    It’s been a busy time with work and family. We’ve decided that my mom needs to move out of her house and into either an apartment or assisted living. My sister is visiting for the holidays, and I’ve been feeling defensive about some of the things she’s pointed out that need attention.. Not that she’s accusing me of negligence, but I…[Read more]

  • There are two gifts I’d love. One would be spending an afternoon with me to sort through my mom’s jewelry and photograph those pieces she wants to give away after she’s gone. The other is an offer to take care of […]

  • Thanksgiving did not go as planned, but we handled the changes as best we could. I injured my on Wednesday and had to go to an urgent care facility to get it x-rayed, etc. Not sure what’s wrong, but I’m now […]

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    I just spent 15 minutes (mostly on hold) with my mom’s bank, trying to find out why one of her accounts is not showing up on the Web. I was told that I do not have power of attorney over her Web account! What kind of madness is this! My sister, mother, and I have signed so many forms in the past few years I cannot believe that I have to now go…[Read more]

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    Today I collected more of my mother’s papers in preparation for a Tuesday meeting with a financial advisor. I decided not to visit her today. I feel like I’m still recovering from last Saturday’s Momapalooza – her […]

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    Thanks, Denise. My ingenuity and patience are constantly being tested. And it’s difficult to see woman becoming so frail. But she can still be crusty and hard to get along with, so her spirit’s intact!

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    Mom & I Skyped with my sister last night, talking about the possibility of my mom leaving her home to live closer to me and my partner. An intense discussion, made more difficult by my mom’s short-term memory loss. But brief notes written in large letters on day-glo orange paper helped quite a bit. Her willingness to consider moving was helped…[Read more]

    • Denise replied 1 year ago

      Wow. So much for all of you. I love that you had a Skype call to talk it out with everyone. I think it’s awesome that you created adjustments so your mom could participate in the conversation. You’re all of this right. It’s just hard. I’m thinking of you.

      • Thanks, Denise. My ingenuity and patience are constantly being tested. And it’s difficult to see woman becoming so frail. But she can still be crusty and hard to get along with, so her spirit’s intact!

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    Looking to move my mom out of her house with 3 floors and an attic, into a place on one floor, closer to us. She’s alone at night and feeling lonely. Not sure the best route to take: rent, buy an apartment, a house. I’m overwhelmed at the thought of moving her and us, plus I love our neighborhood.

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    I feel for you! Take breaks when you can, get all the support you can, even if only for 10 minutes. Been through it myself. Take care of yourself.

  • Shared on Facebook with this comment: This is a wonderful, supportive, informative site. The podcasts really help you deal with caregiving in all its glory–the simple joys, the frustrations, the sadness, […]

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    The second thing i learned is that i cannot save my 28-year-old daughter, who has an untreated mental illness and is living in an unstable situation with her 9-month-old daughter. We had planned a meeting via Skype with 2 other family members in New Mexico, and she didn’t show up at our home for the meeting, didn’t call to say she wasn’t coming,…[Read more]

    • I love how you take care of yourself in a situation that could really tear you up.

    • And, I just read your update in the chat box. !!! That is wonderful! You can make this move happen and I love that you realize nothing has to be put on hold because of caregiving. If you wait, you’ll simply be frustrated and resentful. In essence, you won’t be living. And, you deserve to live the life you want. You can move and you can be a family…[Read more]

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    We are in Portland, OR visiting family and looking forward to all going to a beach house on the coast next week. My mom went to visit my sister in LA the day before our departure, so there was a lot of planning and running back an forth to make sure last-minute tasks got done. I’m glad to have the break, but my partner Jen’s mom is not doing so…[Read more]

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    I’ve had my new job for about a month now, and it’s been hard trying to fit in job responsibilities, caregiving, freelance work, music, self-care, exercise, seeing my daughter and granddaughter, etc., etc. My new attitude is to have compassion for myself and be patient as I try to adjust and respond to the significant changes in my life.

    • Hi–It is hard! I like your coping strategy, which can be hard to remember but so important to do. Looking forward to our show next week. Hope tomorrow brings a few moments of peace and clarity.

  • It’s humbling to see how a young child can find creative ways to cope with life’s challenges.

  • I’ll be consumed by others’ needs.

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    I just got a new, full-time job! At the place where I’ve been part-time since August 2009. I’m really excited. I haven’t had a full-time job since I was laid off February 1, 2008. I’d cobbled together part-time and freelance and catch-as-can gigs since then, earning just over one-third of my corporate salary. The new salary is less than what I…[Read more]

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    Hi, Denise,

    This picture was taken at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden during the cherry blossom festival in the spring.
    I really enjoy your podcasts; they’re amazingly helpful. My goal in 2013 is to be more active in the chats and on the site.

    • Ahhh… That explains the background. Nothing like cherry blossoms!

      I’m so glad you enjoy the podcasts. Any time you’d like to be a guest, please let me know. I love to feature the stories of our members.

      If you need any help finding your way around, just give a shout.

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