• SO glad you got away! We were just in North Carolina visiting my Husband’s Aunt & Uncle they live in Flat Rock.We love going there!

  • Maria commented on the post, Happy Birthday to Me 2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing the pictures! You can tell how amazing it was!

  • Prayers for all of you! I’m like Sally and have no words bu sending you lots of hugs & prayers!

  • I can only imagine the roller coaster of emotions you & your family are going through. I hope that after the last procedure your mom went through that she is on the road to recovery & can go home soon.
    Prayers & hugs to your family!

  • Denise,
    You have been in my thoughts & prayer all week.
    We were on vacation & I’m just getting caught up! It sounds like you have a awesome team in place!
    More late.

  • Maria commented on the post, Surprise?!?! 2 months, 1 week ago

    I can totally understand why you were upset! It is common sense to let people know when you are coming to visit but especially when you are “taking care” of someone. What if you were giving him a shower, or he was in the bathroom and you couldn’t answer the door. I have a client whose priest will just show up when he visits and she has not…[Read more]

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    I can totally relate to what you are taking about. I took care of my Grandfather & Aunt. My Grandfather passed away 5 years ago last month & my Aunt passed away 5 years this coming October. We are know helping a friend of ours, Phillip who has had numerous health issues he’s a diabetic & was in the hospital in March to have his toes on his…[Read more]

  • Linda,
    I’m so sorry! Had he had any symptoms? My father-in-law had a routine colonoscopy 8 years ago & they found a mass in his colon. Because they caught it early with the routine colonoscopy it was encapsulated he didn’t have to have chemo or radiation just surgery to remove the tumor and part of his colon.
    I’ll keep you in my thoughts &…[Read more]

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    What a touching post! It made me cry!
    Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  • Chris,
    Great post! When my Grandfather & Aunt died within 4 months of each other I went through exactly what you are taking about.At the time the only way I could describe it was withdrawal. One of the hardest things I went through was the first time we went away & when we got home no one was waiting on me to come home.As a result of what I…[Read more]

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    I am SO sorry to hear of the latest. You & your mom have been through SO much & deserve a break. The way the rehab center is treating you & your mom makes me SOOO mad! Your mom is lucky to have you as our other residents of the rehab center as when you speak up for your mom you are also speaking up for the other residents!…[Read more]

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    My heart brakes for you! Your dad has been through SO much! I applaud you & your mom for wanting to talk to the doctor about your dad’s latest condition. ER’s are NO fun!!!!

  • Maria posted a new activity comment 3 months ago

    Oh no Denise! Hoping everything is ok!

  • Maria posted an update 3 months ago

    I need help I have a client who is having trouble with constipation. He’s on thicken liquids & doesn’t like to drink water as it has to be thicken. Everything I normally do doesn’t work as he has restrictions with the thicken liquids.
    Thanks! Maria

    • My dad drinks a “cocktail” of orange juice and prune juice. He’d have to thicken, though.

  • Maria commented on the post, A Busy Summer 3 months ago

    SO glad you are getting away. I had a girls weekend last weekend & really enjoyed it!

  • Good News!
    Phillip is looking for a doctor that takes Medicare as she is running out of medicine. We are keeping our fingers crossed that something happens. We are also going to remind him again!
    Thanks Denise!

  • Hi to all!

    I’m feeling very frustrated right now! I had a great weekend with 4,000 women from all over the country from my women’s group at church–LWML (Lutheran Women Missionary League). Not only was it fun […]

    • Hi Maria–Oh that is so frustrating! I think it’s really hard to be an observer–to watch as another suffers when he doesn’t have to. :( That kind of situation is a true test of patience.

      • Good News!
        Phillip is looking for a doctor that takes Medicare as she is running out of medicine. We are keeping our fingers crossed that something happens. We are also going to remind him again!
        Thanks Denise!

  • Maria commented on the post, Husband of the Year 3 months ago

    Your husband sounds like a gem! Mine was the same way when we were dealing with my Grandfather & Aunt. I couldn’t get through what I went through if I didn’t have his support!

  • wren,
    Sorry for the taking so long in replying to this I was out of town for a convention for my women’s group for church this past weekend.
    Philip is 53
    He has applied for Medicaid and has been accepted which was HUGE for him. He has applied for food stamps but got frustrated at the process and gave up!
    He does have any advanced directives…[Read more]

    • Sure thing, Maria. It’s so helpful that we can listen to one another and provide support over the miles. I hope you enjoyed the convention! Glad to know your friend is at least inching forward with lining some things up that can help him, and relieve you and your husband of some of the worry! I know what you mean about the frustration of…[Read more]

  • Wren,
    He lives by himself. One of the many things that makes this situation SO bad is that Phillip is a hoarder and lives in the basement as it is the only place in the house that is not covered with things. He has fallen a few times since he has been home which is about a month. He wouldn’t go back to the surgeon who did the surgery as he owes…[Read more]

    • Maria, I have a few questions, all geared toward a hope of helping in some way:

      1. How old is he?

      2. Has he contacted social services in his area for assistance, like a social worker to go out to his house and set to motion some solution(s) that would address the health hazard(s) and potential danger to himself and the home, which means…[Read more]

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