• Dad is in ICU very sick we may loss him please keep us in thoughts and prayers.

  • ThumbnailYesterday my mom and my dad and I got up and did our normal routine. Yesterday my dad was doing great. He had more energy than usual. We were going to go to breakfast and he wanted his jacket. He went in the […]

  • I save time by doing as much stuff the night before so when we have a appointment in morning then we dont have to rush around. I like to make sure the medical bag is packed and the snacks are filled. I like to […]

  • Pegi,
    i am so sorry that your husband is sick again with another UTI. I know the feeling and what you are going through. My dad has had reoccurring UTI’s since last October. Do you know the bacteria that […]

  • tiredamy2007 posted an update 1 year ago

    My dad was in the hospital here in our town in ICU for 5 days. They are not that smart. They let him out at 130 pm. By 5pm i had him back in ER with fever chills and sick very sick. They did lab and found that he has urinary sepsis. So he was taken by ambulance to a larger hospital. He is so very ill right now. Thought prayers and messages…[Read more]

  • tiredamy2007 posted an update 1 year ago

    had to put my dad in ICU just now at 2 a.m. blood sugar dangerously high. worried about coma. prayers, thoughts, and texts would be welcome tomorrow. thanks

  • ThumbnailHello everyone. I am sorry i haven’t been able to blog in a long time. Life seems to never slow down. This last year has been nothing but seven hospitals stays for my dad and three for my mom. They have had […]

  • My risk was yesterday. I was talking to my dad’s primary care’s nurse. She is new and she was not a nice person. I told her what she needed to do and that i wasn’t going to take no for an answer. She went to a […]

  • i was able to do two things today that brought a smile to my face. First i was able to go and have a cup of coffee with a good friend. She had been caring for a family friend and the friend passed away last night […]

  • I used to care for my grandmother. She was the most sweet but at the same time the most ornery person around. When my dad and i would got to appointments, sometimes she would like to go along. She loved to […]

  • I pinned this on my Pinterest board. I also tweeted it.

  • Bridget,
    I completely agree. Every time i have felt like giving up or couldn’t pay one more bill, God came through for us too. He has his own time exactly when we need it. I am so happy for you.


  • GJ,

    My dad takes so many medications that each year by May or June he hits the catastrophic stage. I think it is awesome that medicare has that so the at least one thing is less for you. i am so glad it was […]

  • Jan,
    This blog was so awesome. I completely understand what you are saying. We have to have something that just makes us happy. That can be a flower or a song or a bird. Whatever it is, i am so very happy […]

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  • Tami,

    I am so glad you are blogging here. I am amy and i care for my parents. I also enjoyed seeing you on the video chat. You did an awesome job. Looking forward to getting to know you better.


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    flg_feed «Happy Birthday, Amy!! Thanks so much for being with us and for all you do!! Love, Denise»

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