Take a game break!

Family members will play games with you, your care recipient will play games with you, sometimes it seems that Destiny plays games with you.

Don’t play with them. Play with us and our SuperHeroes.

Solitaire: Grab your visor, crack your knuckles and enjoy a little guilty pleasure.

Solitaire Leader Board: Can you top the board? Denise has a life-time high score of 637. Can you beat that? Go ahead, break her heart…

Find Your Way Home
: You choose one of our Superheroes, who needs your help to get home. Based on the second stage of The Caregiving Years concept, your purpose in this game is to find. Look for more mini-games throughout the next year.

2 thoughts on “Play

  1. Cynthia Williams

    I tried to teach my husband how to use the computer. It is ironic that on his job 15 years ago, he worked on computers aboard ship. He refuses to to admit that changes have occurred and will not except instruction. So I have my computer and he has his that is not used very much. I write, play games, I like those that exercise the brain, spider and freecell along with Mah Jong III competition. These outlets keep you same.


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