How are you doing?

We’ve developed quizzes to test how well you’re managing. Remember, it’s not about the grade, it’s about the… Well, I suppose, isn’t it always about the grade?

Good luck!

Is Your Blow-Up Around the Corner? Caregiving can test your patience like no other life experience. Day after day, it seems that caregiving chips away at your patience, bringing you closer and closer to a blow-up. How close are you?

Is This Normal?? Caregiving stirs up so many emotions—emotions sometimes too embarrassing to acknowledge. You may wonder: Is this normal?

Are You On Overload? Well, sure, of course, you are. You’re worried, worn-out, weathered. You may also be way over your limit in terms of what you’re doing. Take our quick quiz to find out how much you are over on your load.

How Well Do You Bounce Back? How well do you recover from your day-to-day challenges as a family caregiver? Take our quick test to find out.

One thought on “Quizzes

  1. Laurianne

    Hi Denise, awesome. Funny how this works and I enjoy your website. Your family sounds like mine! I recently graduated
    and applied for grad school. This was a surprise to me which just happen. At that time, my parents (which I prayed about) moved back to the bay area, mom recently
    diagnosed with breast cancer-stage #2. Out of the siblings, I’m her closest and the oldest, single parent juggling with
    plenty of resources and thrive in gerontology which is my major. I also have experience as a recreational therapist student
    intern…Now its my mom. So, recently she stayed with me 10 days, OMG, she was a kick. We had to establish boundaries, and things because don’t you know I have a 15 going on 40, right? And mom has some behavioral problems, I mean by the
    time she went home, my dad said, this is you. I looked at him, I said stay with me for 10 days, you can come back that way too. He laughed. Stayed over there 4 days, and made trips back n-forth to check on my teen. Wow god is good. Take care of myself, made calls, and quite time was all important. I spoke to a close relative in confidence and she is
    very proud of me, and you know what me too! I had know idea I can manage. After I read, juggled, went to my support, talked with god, tried to speak to my sisters-no support, I got the answer I needed, it was, write you and say for the first
    time I know “I was touched by an Angel” and it was my mom.” No matter what illness she has she gave me a gift and it
    was love she taught me to see that through the eyes of others. I felt her needing someone emotionally because of the
    cancer/chemmo which she needed. Keep in touch. I’m interested in how you got a publisher for your books.


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