Our Read section gives you food-for-thought. Our features include:

Caregiving Book Club: We read great books with a slant toward caregiving. Our monthly discussion takes place on Your Caregiving Journey. When possible, the book’s author joins our discussion.

Caregiving or Your Career?: Caregiving is hard. Caregiving and working is really hard. We offer some quick, simple tips to help you manage two demanding roles that can complicate life. We hope the tips help you manage your experiences so you have minimal regrets.

Caring for a Step: It’s not your mom that needs your help, but your step-mom, your father’s second wife. Are you really the one that should help? What about her children? What about her siblings? So, when you get the phone call from someone else who needs your help, you may wonder: I might sacrifice this for my mom, but do I really have to sacrifice this for my step-mom?

One Household for All? To Combine or Not to Combine: You find yourself spending more time at your care recipient’s house than at your house… Is it time to combine both households? We’ll help you decide whether moving in together is best for you, your care recipient and your family.

Three’s Company: You, Your Caregiving Role and Your Spouse: As you’ve discovered, caregiving is a lifestyle. It’s about you, your care recipient and every other person in your life, especially your spouse. How do you stay in love when life seems to have drained you of love? How do you make time for the most special person in your life when your care recipient needs you for his or her survival–literally?

Getting Out and Enjoying Time Outside Your Caregiving Role: It took a few years, but you’ve finally got a system down; home health aides you like, an adult day center your mother will attend, and a brother who will help foot the bill. Now, you finally have time to go out and socialize with friends. It should be great; but why does it feel so awkward?

Telling Your Truth So You Can Form Your Team: The truth that comes from our lips is often not the truth that lives in our hearts. We’ll walk through a series of exercises to help you find your truths and, then, build your team. Once we tackle your truths, we’ll work on finding the right team to help you manage them. We hope that your truths, ultimately, will set you free.

When Caregiving Causes Debt: Caregiving spills into all areas of your life. It seems that it’s about taking care of a family member, but then it becomes about a health care system that often doesn’t help, about other family members who can’t cope, about friends that disappear, about emotions you never thought you’d feel. And, then, it becomes about money. We take a closer look at when caregiving causes a catastrophic financial crunch.

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Aug 23, 2011

You says.”The truth that comes from our lips is often not the truth that lives in our hearts.”
It is so true that sometimes due to the pride inside you, you can not really speak the truth. Caregiving really involves team work and speaking the truth will definitely keep all the team member focus on the same goal.