Caring for a Step

The challenge of caring for a family member who may not feel like family

When you care for an aging relative, you may feel that your day is filled with trying to determine who is your priority. Your husband wants to go away for the weekend. But who will take care of Mom? Your daughter needs your help; she’s in a pinch for a babysitter. You love spending time with your granddaughter. But who will take care of Mom? Your best friend calls: She wants to meet for dinner and a movie on Friday night. That sounds great, but: Who will take care of Mom?

How to draw the lines and determine priorities becomes fuzzy when you care for a parent or spouse or a direct relative. Now enter the step factor. It’s not your mom that needs your help, but your step-mom, your father’s second wife. Are you really the one that should help? What about her children? What about her siblings? So, when you get the phone call from someone else who needs your help, you may wonder: I might sacrifice this for my mom, but do I really have to sacrifice this for my step-mom?

We talk about some of the issues you face when you care for a step. And, we’ll offer some perspectives as to how to approach caring for a step so that you all benefit from the experience.

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