Getting Out: Enjoying Your Time Outside the House (and Caregiving)

It took a few years, but you’ve finally got a system down; home health aides you like, an adult day center your mother will attend, and a brother who will help foot the bill. Now, you finally have time to go out and socialize with friends.

It should be great; but why does it feel so awkward?

You hear it all the time: Get out! Take a break from caregiving! It’s great in theory, but sometimes the outside world can be scarier than caregiving. And, if you’ve been inside concentrating on caregiving and not necessarily keeping up with the rest of the world, well, once you get out, you may want to run back in.

If you’ve been out of circulation, re-entering the social scene can be awkward, scary and confusing. The world may have changed while you were doing load after load of laundry. And, understanding how you fit within the changes can take time.

When you start socializing again, give yourself time to find your comfort zone, to find your way. Small steps will lead to great social success, so that your caregiving world and your break from the caregiving world will co-exist peacefully.

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