Three’s Company: You, Your Care Recipient and Your Spouse

As you’ve discovered, caregiving is a lifestyle. It’s about you, your care recipient and every other person in your life, especially your spouse.

How do you stay in love when life seems to have drained you of love? How do you make time for the most special person in your life when your care recipient needs you for his or her survival–literally?

We offer some simple ways to help you keep your marriage on track. A good marriage is a great foundation to enjoy a wonderful life. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

Of Note:

Caregivers rank “juggling caregiving with other work/personal commitments” as their number one problem, cited by 40% of respondents.– The SeniorBridge Family Caregiver Study, April 2004, by SeniorBridge Family is a national provider of home-based eldercare services.

Index of Articles:

Making the Connection Means Planning for Time Together

Communication Key to Keeping Marriage on Track

It’s Not Him, It’s My Cabin Fever

Caregiving Poll Results: How Has Caregiving Impacted Your Marriage?

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