Truth & Team: Telling Your Truth So You Can Find Your Team

“I love my mother–I really do. But there are days I just dread the sound of her walker, especially in the morning, as the sound gets closer to my bedroom door. I feel terrible when I have this kind of reaction because I really do love her. It’s just some days…”–A daughter caring for her mother

“Caregiving can be so hard that sometimes I find myself wishing that it would just end. But, if I wish it will end, I feel as if I am wishing that my husband die. And, that makes me feel terrible.–A spouse caring for her husband

“I want to stay positive for my family but some days I can’t think of one think to be positive about. Well, except that I am positive that the health care industry sucks.”–A son caring for his mom, recently placed in a nursing home

W hen you see a friend in the grocery store, especially a friend you haven’t seen in awhile, your friend will ask: “How have you been?”

Your response?

“I’ve been okay! How about you?”

The truth that comes from our lips is often not the truth that lives in our hearts. The truth in our hearts may more closely resemble this:

I’m heartbroken.
I’m worried to death.
I’m sick and tired of this situation.
I want out!

We’ll walk through a series of exercises to help you find your truths and, then, build your team. Once we tackle your truths, we’ll work on finding the right team to help you manage them. We hope that your truths, ultimately, will set you free.


Telling It Like It Is

Forming the Team

Staying Resolute in the Face of Rejection

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Sep 15, 2010

i can relate to the above, specially after along day. like when im almost sitting down 4 a break and i hear spouse bell he had accident or mom asking the same thing again and again .some times i wish i could just take off, but isee themm looking at me wiyh those sad eyes ifeel so ashamed. t