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Back to…

It’s back to school time! If you are raising a child, they have either started school or will be returning to school very soon. With the start of the school year comes excitement, anxiety, new clothes, new school supplies, the outlay of a lot of money, and a busier schedule. If you’re also a family caregiver, you may be wondering how you will juggle everything. You might be an experienced family caregiver who has been ... Read More »

23rd Weddng Anniversary and Medieval Knights: My Staycation

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As family caregivers our finances and time are limited. This summer however I refused to let that stop me and I vowed to do at least one thing this summer I had never done before. Maybe you can to. Some of you know I am a book cover artist on the side. I create mostly fantasy, romance and historical fiction, i.e. Philippa Gregory type stuff. So I love anything 15th to 18th century. So I ... Read More »

Getting a Break: Ideas to Get a Few Hours of Respite


We regularly talk about taking a break to offset the intensity of caring for a family member. With breaks, you can manage what’s required of you in caregiving. But the work behind making the break happen can feel so overwhelming that you may be tempted to simply skip the break. So let’s break it out down so you can feel like a break is not only possible but doable. Today, I’ll offer ideas on how ... Read More »

Activities To Help Your Children And Your Caree Interact With Each Other


Quick!  What do these things have in common: photos, music, and a video camera? They are all things that can be used to encourage positive interactions between your children and your caree. These suggestions can be used by anyone, not just a child and caree. Even if you don’t have children, you might enjoy them! A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a chat here on and offered suggestions to one member who ... Read More »

Get Together


In November, I thought about inviting our support group over for a get together during the holidays.  A quick look at the calendar made me realize I didn’t want to tackle that in December with all of the other commitments, so I suggested to Steve that we invite the group over on the first day of the year we weren’t meeting.  I decided to have people over so that they wouldn’t have to drive in ... Read More »

Craft Fair Is Today!


Our Caregiving Craft Fair is open! Bette’s got the best bustle basket I’ve ever seen. Buy this basket of goodies to keep your care with dementia happily busy. Shop here. You can still set up your own booth in our fair. You can sell anything you make or create or put together. It’s easy for any member of to place a Classifieds ad. Even better: You keep whatever you make. Your only cost is ... Read More »

Fresh Starts


The new year started on August 27th. No, I’m not crazy. To me the new year starts on the first day of school, and both Steve and our son started school that day. The start of the school year is a time of change for all of us. It includes new school supplies and new clothes, plus new routines and challenges. Our son’s schedule will keep him on his toes this year. He had French ... Read More »

Hang on for the Ride!!!


Hi… I’m overwhelmed with what I have to get done and figured that this would make for a good “brain respite” break. Yes, in the middle of all that. “Garden” is a reminder to me not to get overwhelmed and step back and seek peace. Thus my “break” now. I miss all of you and participating on a regular basis. But due to Hubby’s health over the past few weeks and Twinkie’s need for attention, ... Read More »

Answers to Your Questions about Dementia Care


Yesterday on Your Caregiving Journey, we began our new monthly series on dementia care. Claire Day, Vice President of Constituent Services for the Alzheimer’s Association Delaware Valley Chapter, joined us to explain what Alzheimer’s is, its warning signs and to answer two questions from a listener. You can listen to our show via the player at the bottom of the post. (Note: Claire will join us on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 10:30 ... Read More »

“Just” a Haircut?


Getting a haircut is not a huge deal for most people. I personally love to get my hair done because it’s an excuse to sit back and relax and have my scalp rubbed while amusing the stylist with the result of my feeble attempts to cut my bangs (“Trish, please come in for a quick bang trim between cuts! You don’t have to live with crooked bangs!”). If Robert doesn’t keep his curly locks cut, ... Read More »



Hi, Robert! “Hi, Trish. How are you doing?” Great. How are you? “I’m doing very well. And you?” Our conversations always start the same but tonight I couldn’t go in circles with him—I wanted to get to the good stuff:  Prom! Robert, you had Prom today.  How was it? “It was really good.” Yay! He’s added a “very” and a “really” to his normal responses. He must have had a blast. Did you wear the ... Read More »

Making Friends


I’m happy to report that Days 2, 3 and 4 of Program went just as well and Robert even had the van transport (to and from!). He told me after his first day that he had met an “Eric” who was very nice and polite. On Day 2 Robert again told me he met an “Eric” in the van who also was nice and polite. I don’t know if there are two Erics or if, as Denise ... Read More »

Robert’s Very Good Day


It has been seven weeks since Robert left his Old Home which filled his days with movies, music, reading circle and bingo (and filled his fridge with Milky Way candy bars with every bingo win!). Nothing was going to prevent me from getting Robert to Day Program today. Not a visit to the ER, not a bandage still wrapped around his head, not the van transport not being set up. I arrived early to Robert’s ... Read More »

Day Program Update


Woo Hoo!  The Day Program “interview” consisted of Robert signing documents promising he won’t hit or bite (no problem there) or that he won’t be excessively tardy or absent (now, if I could only get my step-son to agree to that last rule these last few months of high school!).  It appears that Robert has been accepted and his Day Program start date may be as early as Monday.  (Nothing is confirmed yet so I ... Read More »

Brain Games


This morning on Your Caregiving Journey, Joni Gatz-Bauman, a member of the Brain Coach team at Marbles the Brain Store, shared games and activities you can enjoy with your caree. (You can listen to our discussion via the player at the bottom of the post.) Joni shared the following book and products recommendations: —”Keep Your Brain Alive” by Lawrence C. Katz, Ph.D. & Manning Rubin features 83 “Neurobic” activities to help prevent memory loss and ... Read More »

Activity Ideas to Beat Back the Winter Blues


On Thursday, Becky Lowry and Nancy Hanley, My Health Care Manager, joined us on Your Caregiving Journey to share activity ideas to beat back the cabin fever. You can listen to our show via the player at the bottom of this post. Some suggestions we discussed during the show include: 1. Move–exercise can help you both feel better. Consider the Sit and Be Fit exercise videos; visit here for more information. And, Wii Fit brings ... Read More »

Dancing Away from the Drama


Today, on Your Caregiving Journey, we had our monthly book club discussion. Our January pick was “How to Communicate with Alzheimer’s: A Practical Guide & Workbook for Families” by Susan Kohler MS, CCC-SLP. Susan joined our discussion. (You can listen to our show via the player at the bottom of the post.) During out discussion, Susan and I talked about the importance of objective communication with a person with Alzheimer’s disease. Meaning, you don’t take ... Read More »

Stay Home: Resources to Get a Break Right Where You Are


Some days, it feels great to get out of the house. It’s wonderful to hop in the car,  drive away, and leave it all behind. And, then there are some days when staying at home to take a break is just what the doctor ordered. You don’t have to shower, change out of pajamas, or even brush your teeth. You can enjoy a break at home, even with your caree at home. Products made specifically ... Read More »

Ask Denise: What Can I Do for Mom with Advanced Dementia?


Hi Denise, First, I want to thank you for offering your help and for all the help you’ve been giving.  Bless You! Here’s my situation:  My mom has dementia of the frontal lobe.  Her first diagnose was verbal aphasia.  It’s years later, my Mom is in a care facility on the dementia floor.  She hasn’t spoken in years.  At this point, it’s hard to tell if she understands anything.  According to a psychologist I know who ... Read More »

Walking Back in Time


As your care recipient’s memory moves back in time, you can join him or her in the journey. Use the Internet to research important times in your care recipient’s life; learn what was happening on a world-wide scale, on a national scale and on a local scale, in your care recipient’s home town. When your care recipient begins to speak about certain events or episodes, you’ll have the historical perspective needed to truly appreciate the ... Read More »

Chronicle the Historical Perspective of Your Care Recipient


In your role, you provide care to a family member. But, you also hold a key to our nation’s history; chances are, your care recipient has participated in many amazing historical moments: economic devastation, technological revolutions and World Wars. And, the Veterans History Project wants you to unlock the war-time experiences of your care recipient. To preserve the history our nation’s veterans witnessed and experienced, Congress founded the Veterans History Project in 2000. The project ... Read More »

When Housebound, Make In-House Activities Work for You


It looks like a blizzard outside. Or, a flood. And, inside, well, you and your caree have been alternating between staring at the walls and staring at each other. Deep sighs are your only companions. Caregiving will make your world smaller; enter bad weather into the equation and your world seems as small as your living room. You’ve both bored, cranky and crabby. What to do? We’ve put some ideas together to help you survive ... Read More »