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Goodbyes, Hello, and Love


The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last — Moira Rogers I read the above quote this week and thought it a perfectly fitting expression. Several members of our caregiving family are dealing with the saying of goodbye and I know from past experience, this isn’t easy. My heart goes out to each and every one of you.  My only encouragement is to be ... Read More »

Why Men Run


A Man’s Definition of Caregiving: where every man’s greatest fears of failure are confirmed on a daily basis. If given the right training and appropriate gear, I could stroll the surface of Mars. In fact, I could walk into a suicide mission if I was convinced that my sacrifice would weaken the enemy and save innocent lives. In short, if given a moral purpose, I can shut the gates of hell against the absolute power ... Read More »

How Do You Manage Your Caree’s Anger?


Last night, one of our visitors (Kari) shared a comment on Friday’s How Was Your Day? post: I’ve been caring for my fiancé for about 8 years since he had a failed back surgery. He now had intractable pain, which is constant severe pain. The hardest part for me is dealing with his anger toward me and the world for not helping him get better, and causing him to get worse. I clean up lots ... Read More »



Caregiving can feel like life’s winter–slippery, cold, dark. One long day follows another. It’s so hard to get out to the house much less out of town. The blizzards of bad news block your view of the future. You struggle to warm your freezing heart. When, you wonder, will spring arrive? In other words, you’re looking for your robin, the sign of winter’s end, that warmth and better days will soon be here. Know that ... Read More »

In Six Words, What Are You Tired Of?


Well, I’ll be honest. I’m tired. I’m tired of trying, of problems, of sleepless nights, of my own pep talks, of worrying about ending a question with a preposition, of too much and too little. I know I’m not the only one who’s tired. So, I’d love to hear from you: What you tired of? And, just to add a little fun, let’s share our weary in six words, like this: I’m tired of the ... Read More »

On a Serious Note (Hug a Loved One), Part III


On a Serious Note (Hug a Loved One) III: Mom’s little Princess Taffy decided that 3:30 (a.m.) was the perfect time to need to go out and patrol the perimeter of the backyard, after she had already used my office/spare bedroom. I received an update on Vincent and they were correct in determining that Vincent does have a defect with his heart that when he exerts himself it can cause the heart tissues to expand ... Read More »

Podcast: My Caree Doesn’t Remember Me


Denise spoke with Claire Day who had suggestions for caregivers when their caree doesn’t remember them in some way. This made me think of my grandmother who had Alzheimer’s and the last time I spoke to her she didn’t know who I was. I remember how much this hurt me. Make sure to listen to the show and as always leave your comments below. How do you cope when your caree no longer remembers? Hugs:o) Jane ... Read More »

Podcast: What Does Burn-Out Feel Like?


Denise and Trish discussed this question on Wednesday, Oct. 9th, during the live call-in show. What a great show and something all of us can relate to. Make sure you listen and as always leave your comments. How do you cope with burn-out? Hugs:o) Jane ~ The Roving Reporter Listen To Caregiving Internet Radio Stations with Denise Brown on BlogTalkRadio Related Articles Call in Show: Does God Give Us More Than We Can Handle? ( ... Read More »

Unexpected Changes


In my last posts I was speaking about how we thought Smokey was getting better, in pain, but getting better. After a routine MRI to check to see how much the area had healed, we get a call the next day to get to the ER Immediately. And so we have been here since Friday. But nothing much has happened that we could not have done at home, except, of course the slew of tests ... Read More »

Mirror, Mirror on the…Oh, Forget It!


I’m long overdue for a blog entry. So here it goes. I hope that it will end on a positive note. Someone told me that people living with dementia often mirror the emotions that they see in their caregivers. This was not a good day for Grandma to mirror what she saw in me. After fighting with my unruly hair for about an hour, I finally woke Grandma up for breakfast. I reminded her that ... Read More »


source: wikipedia

“My goal is to live until our son turns 18.” “13 months from now? Is there something you’re not telling me?” “Well, I didn’t expect to be on disability at 55, and I think it’s important for a child to have their parents until they are 18, don’t you?” I was quite a sight with my mouth open like a fish’s and tears spilling out of my eyes. “Frankly, I’m speechless. My goal is to ... Read More »

The Caregiver Blues


I have been wanting to write about this feeling that I have had over the past few weeks. However, part of me is very reluctant to share what I am feeling. In part I am afraid that people will judge me and in part I am ashamed that I feel the way that I do. So please bear with me as I search for the right words to use to adequately explain the emotions and ... Read More »

Video Chat: Must We Suffer?


Chris (@thpurplejacket) and Tami (@tneumann) joined me to discuss this question: Must we suffer? Related Articles Video Chat: Caregiving at Home and at Work ( Video Chat: Caring for Grandparents ( Video Chat: When So Much Changes, Can Love Stay the Same? ( Vidoe Chat: Caregiving Then and Now ( Signs ( Must We Suffer? ( Seventeen ( Read More »

When You Are Toast, Eight Tips to Heal the Burn


Bonnie is burnt, just like the over-toasted piece of bread that pops up from her toaster. She even looks toasted–frayed around the edges with new wrinkles forming every day. She spends as much time as she can with her father who resides in a skilled nursing facility. As much as she can means lunch (rushing from her job) and dinner (then rushing home to cook for her family). Her evenings include phone call updates to ... Read More »

Keeping the Light On


When Judy moved in with her dad because of his diagnosis of early stage Alzheimer’s, she thought she’d do a little extra to help him out. What was a little extra now consumes her day. It’s not just the laundry, cleaning and meals. It’s the doctor appointments, the continual reminders to her dad that he can’t drive, the constant organizing of medications. And, then, of course, there’s the patience required in living with someone who ... Read More »

How Will You Be Your Best?


In yesterday’s webinar, I shared coping strategies to help you be your best during the worst. Today, I’d love to know which coping strategies you’ll use. (Miss yesterday’s webinar, How to Be Your Best During the Worst? No worries–you can watch the archive here.) In our comments section, below, please tell us how you’ll be your best during the worst. Related Articles Webinar Follow-Up: What’s Your Purpose? ( Fighting Depression During Caregiving ( What’s Caregiving ... Read More »

My Perspective on Depression


What is depression and what to look for, from my view of things. To start off I would like you to know I am not a doctor and am not claiming to be or saying that these items listed are the only things to look for. Depression effects everyone differently depending on your body type, health, medications you on, amount of exercise you get. These are some of the symptoms “I can remember having” over ... Read More »

It Sucks When You’re a Have Not


Last week, I listened to an caregiving expert speak about the caregiving experience. She spoke about celebrities who share their caregiving stories and how, in essence, they are just like you. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, she said, the roller coaster ride of emotions affects everyone. When I first heard this, I thought, “This really isn’t sitting right with me.” I continued to think about this and then I had  a chance ... Read More »

A Tree that Gives Back a Life


When I start my week with CBS Sunday Morning, I start inspired. It’s an amazing television show that educates, informs and comforts. I miss it when I miss it. I’m so glad I watched it this morning. Today, the show featured a personal commentary from Mark Hirsch, a photographer from Platteville, Wisc. His story reminds me of @comicvixen’s post from Friday and @Jan’s post from yesterday. He tells his story in the video, below. Related ... Read More »

Emptied of Strength


Today was awful. Brandon woke up this morning and he didn’t feel well. I have been attempting to work with him on working through a morning in which he does not feel well. Well the morning turned bad quickly. He picked up the garbage can and began throwing up. This tells me his blood glucose is high. Took his blood sugar and he was HI. I had him pee in a cup and we tested ... Read More »

Who Stands By You When it Hits the Fan? (Literally)


Here in Northern California it has been really hot. Unfortunately some days my mom, Grace, closes her vents if the air is on. She is always cold and wears layers of clothes that we have to peel off her at least four times a day. I try to explain to her that she will have a heat stroke  if she wears multiple  jackets and sweaters but she continues to dress like a Eskimo. At times ... Read More »

What’s Your Six-Word Story About Your Last Tempter Tantrum?


I’m hot today because it’s hot outside. Thinking about heat leads me to think about over-heating which makes me think of temper tantrums. I’m not sure where a six-story story fits in here but that was my next thought. So, I’d love to know: What’s your six-word story about your last temper tantrum? It could be: I HATE this catheter. Yes, HATE. I want a different life. NOW! It’s not fair. AT ALL. EVER. What’s ... Read More »