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Why It’s About Keeping Family Caregivers Employed


One of the questions family caregivers ask the most is: Can I get paid to care for my family member? When you add a full-time job to your career, you work 24/7. And, the urgency of your caregiving job plus the difficulty in finding and affordable at-home care can turn your career into what feels like the disposal work. It seems to make sense to get paid for your caregiving work so you can dump ...

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Caregiver’s Work


Up at seven, the same routines Change your bottoms, the teapot steams Check your sugar at the table Take a deep breath when I am able Conference calls daily, as I must work Open mic, of course, just as you burp Gas now moves, get a running start My turn to speak; you loudly fart Horrors!….they must think it is me I’m a teleworking caregiver, if they could only see There are no breaks because ...

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Survey Says: It Helps to Talk about Caregiving at Work


The results of our First Annual Survey of Working Family Caregivers are in. We received 80 responses to our survey, which asked about your experiences in the workplace. According to our survey, most respondents spoke with their manager about their caregtiving responsibilities and, as a result, felt better having done so. The respondents said that they use their time off to manage caregiving responsibilities and wished they had more flexibility at work. Respondents also honed ...

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Call for Submissions: Your Best Tips to Manage a Career and Caregiving


Just about three years ago, we released a free eBook, The Working Family Caregiver, to help you manage your career and your caregiving responsibilities. For our follow-up eBook, I’d love to feature your best tips, suggestions and ideas to help those who work and provide care for a family member or friend. Your tip could be about a product you use, a service you swear by, an organizational trick that saves you time, a schedule ...

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Podcast: Table Talk with Trish


Denise was joined by @trish, who cares for her brother, Robert, for Table Talk on Your Caregiving Journey on March 14th. Trish joins Denise to talk about caregiving while having a career. Trish talked about Robert and the stress at work because of an upcoming office move as well as listing their house for sale while looking for a new one. My fingers and toes are crossed for you too Trish. Be sure to listen ...

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Meet a Working Family Caregiver: Jim Butt


(Editor’s Note: As part of our Hire a Family Caregiver campaign, I’ll introduce you to working family caregivers on a regular basis.) Today, I’m proud to share the story of Jim Butt, who cares for wife. Jim contributed a poem to our book, A Caregiving Day, now available for purchase in both print and Kindle on . You can connect with Jim on his profile page: @jimbutt. My questions and his answers follow. ...

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Podcast: Managing Care from a Distance


Denise was joined by Claire Day, our dementia care expert, on Tuesday, Feb. 24th. Claire continued the conversation about helping her parents from a distance since her mom’s cancer diagnosis. I could so totally relate. Nicole’s red blood/platelet count is always low and every time they run other tests to try to find out why they come back normal. It is very frustrating. I continue to wish prayers and good thoughts for Claire’s mom as ...

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Preliminary Results: Working Family Caregiver Survey


A 2012 report released by AARP found that 42% of U.S. workers provided unpaid eldercare for a family member or friend over the last five years. And, 49% expect to do so in the coming five years. Caring for a family member is a workplace problem. To better understand your experiences as a working family caregiver, I created a survey last fall for anyone who cares for a family member (regardless of the family member’s ...

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Friday Video Chat: Working and Caregiving


Join us on Friday, February 19, at 3 p.m. ET (2 p.m. CT, Noon PT) for a conversation about balancing work and caregiving responsibilities. Bruce, who cares for his wife, will join me to share how he juggles his career, his goals for his career and his caregiving experience. You can connect with Bruce his profile pages: @brucemc. To watch our discussion, just come back here on February 19 at 3 p.m. ET. About Bruce ...

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