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EXTREME Caregiving: Still Rolling With It


Just as we get the feeling our feet may be on solid ground…whoopsie. I forget it’s more like quicksand! I think I need to steal my husband’s Indiana Jones fedora and maybe dodge a boulder. SIL’s behavior continues to be erratic but some things are better. It is sometimes hard to see when she’s REALLY sick or just wanting attention and being manipulative because there is both going on. All she wants is ME to ...

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EXTREME Caregiving: I’m So Imperfect But Oh Well!


As we yet again adjust to SIL’s change in condition and behavior I ended up kind of losing it. SIL is much clearer, speaking as well as walking better. Last week her social worker came by and she was relaying stories from her past, a good story about her run in with a moose in Alaska, I knew she was coming back! I’d heard the story before and she said it all right. Amazing, truly. ...

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Tell Us: What Do You Know Now That You Wish You Knew Then?


“Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.” ~ C.S. Lewis Perhaps the caregiving experience is one of the most brutal of teachers. So, I’m curious: What do you know now that you wish you knew before? What insight have you gained that you wish you had before caregiving started? And, how would life have been easier if you had that insight? Please tell us in our comments section, ...

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Do You Put Lemon Rind Down Your Dust Buster?


Here I am out-of-state, sleeping on something like a couch getting ready to leave my mother’s house today. I’m up. Can’t sleep. I came with my honey who is lying on an actual couch which no one can get out of, not even my mother. She’s getting tinier by the minute. We drove here after speaking with her on the phone about how horrible things were and it seemed she was getting worse. She didn’t ...

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There are going to be a lot of changes around the farm. I’m hoping they are all for the better. Please keep us in your thoughts. Morning meds done, coffee made, getting things ready for mom to get up so it easy for her to get ready to go to church this morning. I am also getting ready to go to church. Robin Related Articles A Day on the Farm ( A Day on the ...

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Handling Caregiving, Career and Canines


Although I am glad that I am excited about starting a new job today, as a caregiver you know it is hard to handle caregiving and a career. I was giving Mom a bath last night and she actually didn’t need help for once getting out of the tub. Her arthritis wasn’t as bad as usual. She didn’t complain about the clothes I laid out and she was pleasant. That put me in a good ...

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Not Jeannie or a Genie


I am not Jeannie, as in I Dream of Jeannie, nor am I a genie. I do not grant wishes, I don’t look like Barbara Eden, I don’t live in a bottle or a lamp, and I don’t have a master. I think I’ve given the wrong impression that I might be a genie, though. Either that, or my husband thinks he is Captain Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Many times during the ...

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The Alien in Our House


My husband has dyslexia, so he’s never been a reader. He peruses the newspaper (yes, we still get a daily paper) and if he reads anything, it’s an article in the business section. My husband doesn’t like to swim. He grew up in a house with a pool, was certified as a diver, was even a lifeguard, but has always told me he doesn’t like to swim. Over the years I’ve seen him lounge in ...

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Things have been going very well here since Steve moved to a lower dose of one of his medications. He has been reading, his spirits are better, he seems to be remembering things, he’s napping less and he planned ahead and purchased a Christmas card and gifts. In the past when this has happened, I have wondered, Is he better? Has it really been something other than MCI all along? Yeah, I know, wondering if ...

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How Do You Adjust to the Reality of Caregiving?


How do you adjust to the reality of caregiving? That’s the question we discussed last night on Your Caregiving Journey, our Internet talk show. I was joined for the conversation by Richard, who cares for his brother-in-law and mother; Jane, who cares for her daughter; and Ejourneys, who cares for her partner. You can listen to our show via the player, below. A life of caregiving means a family member or friend isn’t well, which ...

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