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The Accidental Gardener


It is very unfortunate that some medications combined with an illness can cause our caree to become delusional and lose track of time. This morning, my mom, Grace, thought she was up and gardening and hurt her knee. She laughed at me when I told her that she has arthritis. I had to go along with it and I told her the yard looked nice. I think my husband got angry because he spent all  morning mowing ... Read More »

A Daughter’s Moment in Dementia


(Editor’s Note: Once in awhile we feature a guest blog from a family caregiver or former family caregiver. Today, we feature an essay from Victoria Sanjuan, who cared for her father until his death in September 2012. She wrote this story in 2011.) By Victoria Sanjuan My daddy suffers from vascular dementia. He is in what the doctors call “end stage dementia,” slipping away – a little bit each day. Born in Cuba to a ... Read More »

Caregiving, Communion and Computers


I am thankful that Denise has this site for us to share our stories, share resources and support each other. I think my real world support system sometimes has ulterior motives. Free food and computer repair to be exact. On Sundays, my mom’s deacon friends from her Baptist church bring her communion. They also bring her CDs of the church service. At first it was one kind older gentleman who I have known since I ... Read More »

Goodbyes, Hello, and Love


The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last — Moira Rogers I read the above quote this week and thought it a perfectly fitting expression. Several members of our caregiving family are dealing with the saying of goodbye and I know from past experience, this isn’t easy. My heart goes out to each and every one of you.  My only encouragement is to be ... Read More »

Photographs as Clues


I recently bought a small photo book for my aunt. It is a Vera Bradley design – one of her favorites and I found it on eBay. I inserted pictures of recent events and people in her life. There is room for just twenty. I hope this is the perfect size – I don’t want her to feel overloaded. Her short-term memory is such that she can vaguely remember some things but does better with ... Read More »

Podcast: Dementia Care Talk Show


Claire Day joined Denise on Tuesday, Feb. 4th, for their monthly chat. Claire answers a listener’s question. Want to know what that question is? You will have to listen to find out. Make sure to listen below and as always leave your comments below. Hugs:o) Jane ~ The Roving Reporter More Caregiving Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Denise Brown on BlogTalkRadio Related Articles Dementia Care: How Do You Make It? ( Dementia Care: How ... Read More »

Not Jeannie or a Genie


I am not Jeannie, as in I Dream of Jeannie, nor am I a genie. I do not grant wishes, I don’t look like Barbara Eden, I don’t live in a bottle or a lamp, and I don’t have a master. I think I’ve given the wrong impression that I might be a genie, though. Either that, or my husband thinks he is Captain Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Many times during the ... Read More »

Post-Holiday Relief Syndrome: We Survived!


This past holiday season my mom and I were recipients of gifts that made us both  stare into space in wonder. What kind of wonder? Well, it wasn’t wonderful. I know people mean well. You’re saying, “It’s the thought that counts.” Right? Wrong! If my mom has really bad arthritis and dementia where is she going to wear  sparkly scarves and low cut sweaters? Back in the day mom was a fashionista. She was more ... Read More »



Things have been going very well here since Steve moved to a lower dose of one of his medications. He has been reading, his spirits are better, he seems to be remembering things, he’s napping less and he planned ahead and purchased a Christmas card and gifts. In the past when this has happened, I have wondered, Is he better? Has it really been something other than MCI all along? Yeah, I know, wondering if ... Read More »

The Energy Crisis


Steve lives with an energy crisis – his own. If he does too much one day, he isn’t able to do much the next. The catch is what defines “too much” and how and when it will impact him. Sometimes it’s obvious when Steve’s done too much. Last week, Steve attended a meeting at his former employer’s. After the meeting he visited with people for a couple of hours. He told me he knew he ... Read More »

Dementia, Drumsticks and Dressing


Dealing with Dementia During the Holidays As a caregiver to a mom with dementia for the past 15 years, I have found ways to make it easier on my husband, myself and Mom during the holidays. Here are a few of my suggestions for family caregivers and their carees with Alzheimer’s and other dementias during this season. I hope at least one of these will make your lives  bit easier. First, try to have family ... Read More »

The Memories You Save

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“The memories you save could be your own.” Can you think of any better reason to do everything you can to help advance Alzheimer’s prevention research through education, advocacy and study participation?  There is a way that you, and everyone 18 and older can help. On November 13th, I participated in a webinar with Banner Alzheimer’s Institute to learn about the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry.   First, a quick education about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia because ... Read More »

The Stranger


The other day I had an experience that gave me food for thought about my husband’s dementia. After a quick stop at the grocery store without my husband, I opened the back door of my car to help my little granddaughter get in her car seat and fasten her seat belt. What a shock when we saw a total stranger sitting in the front passenger seat, all buckled in like she was actually going somewhere ... Read More »

Where to Next?


On November 2nd, my husband, a friend and I joined a few thousand people to participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Huntington Beach, CA. Our team, Where to Next?, raised $2,440. It was an incredibly beautiful morning; the type that you picture when you think of Orange County, California. The weather was perfect! It was warm, but not hot, with no breeze which is so unusual! Often it’s cold and windy at the ... Read More »

“I Don’t Need a Diagnosis to Know She Forgets”


Recently, two different friends told me two very similar stories. They each know of a family with a relative suffering from short-term memory problems. But neither family pursues a diagnosis. I know we fear a diagnosis of dementia, like Alzheimer’s or Lewy body dementia. I know fear can paralyze, keeping us in the same place, unable to move forward. I also know the importance of a visit to a physician when a family member experiences ... Read More »

The Riot Act


Outside the church where our MS support group meetings are held, my partner and I were met today by the group facilitator and a witness. They handed my partner a written warning that included this: We talked outside the church for the next 2-1/2 hours, during which time my partner went to the bathroom twice. That gave me a chance to speak privately with the facilitator and witness — because I agree with everything that ... Read More »

Podcast: My Caree Doesn’t Remember Me


Denise spoke with Claire Day who had suggestions for caregivers when their caree doesn’t remember them in some way. This made me think of my grandmother who had Alzheimer’s and the last time I spoke to her she didn’t know who I was. I remember how much this hurt me. Make sure to listen to the show and as always leave your comments below. How do you cope when your caree no longer remembers? Hugs:o) Jane ... Read More »

Support, and So Much More


I was surprised this morning that Dean actually recognized a cold coming on. He said his throat hurt, and his hoarse voice indicated the same. He also said it hurt about a week ago, but it appears that was just a ploy to get some of my fruit-flavored cough drops in his pocket. I’ve been waiting for him to have symptoms (more than one seems to help in the diagnosis), since I’m just getting over ... Read More »

I Want to Go Home

“I want to go home.” You hear the words when you visit your caree in the nursing home or at your home in the afternoon when your caree’s confusion increases or on sad days when your caree just longs for a life that’s gone. Five small words that feel like a dagger in the heart. How do you answer? Some ideas to help you form your answer: 1. The temptation may be to stop the ... Read More »

Mirror, Mirror on the…Oh, Forget It!


I’m long overdue for a blog entry. So here it goes. I hope that it will end on a positive note. Someone told me that people living with dementia often mirror the emotions that they see in their caregivers. This was not a good day for Grandma to mirror what she saw in me. After fighting with my unruly hair for about an hour, I finally woke Grandma up for breakfast. I reminded her that ... Read More »

The Sick Caregiver

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This month just when I thought I had caregiving all under control for my husband (who has a TBI and dementia), I came down with a cold. Normally, this would just be a small adjustment to my already-busy schedule. But knowing my pulmonary restrictive disease, I am always on the alert for things to get worse before they get better. This time proved no exception. I really thought I was doing all the right things ... Read More »

To Be Frozen or Not to Be Frozen…What Shall I Do?


Good Morning, everyone. There is always a lapse in time between my posts, but as I am sure everyone here knows, time can run and pass and before you know it, it’s been a month, or two…. Smokey is okay. Still on IV’s and peg feedings although we have been trying to transition to liquid food. I bought a Nutribullet, well, I charged it, and I do not like to charge anything unless I believe ... Read More »