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Final Push: Sign Our Petition for the CDC to Track Family Caregiver Stress


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released statistics last week about deaths from unintentional injury among adults 65 years of age and older. These incredibly valuable statistics point to the value of prevention and awareness. And, yet, we know very little about the family members who care for those over 65 who need help to stay well and safe. In fact, we know very little about any individual who provides care to a family ...

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“Caring for Mom and Dad” Documentary: What Did You Think?


I just watched “Caring for Mom and Dad,” the PBS documentary. The film aired last Thursday in Chicago at 10 p.m.–too late for me so I recorded it for another day (which turned out to be today). I wonder, too, what that says when a film about an issue that impacts so many gets a non-prime-time air time. I loved the stories of the family caregivers profiled during the film. I loved the diversity in gender, ...

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A Special Lane for Those Who Carry a Heavy Load


When you have 10 items or less, you get a special lane in the grocery store. You get to move to the front of the line, so to speak. What if stores also had a lane for those whose load is too great to measure? A “Caregiving” lane? It’s a lane just for those in a caregiving situation–for those caring for a family member or friend. You hit that lane when you’re stressed, tired, worried, ...

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We’re In Cure Magazine


Elizabeth Whittington, Editor of Cure magazine, recently contacted me for help on a story about online support group for family caregivers. I reached out to Linda (@goinhome) and @hussy to ask them to share their experiences with Elizabeth. They both readily agreed to share their stories and experiences, which you’ll read in the story. I also added my thoughts about finding and receiving support online. Read the article, Lining Up for Online Support, which appeared ...

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Where’s Our WPA for Caregiving?


During one of my presentations at “Our Aging Market: Why Businesses Need to Respond,” an event sponsored by Harvard Business School Association of Boston, I spoke about the challenges of working family caregivers. I shared preliminary results of our Working and Caregiving survey. (I’m still collecting responses; please share your experiences as a full-time employee with caregiving responsibilities.) I shared how those who work a full-time job and provide care to a family member or ...

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Why We Use the Term “Caree”


In 1996 I connected with Mirca Liberti, who co-founded an organization called Children of Aging Parents in 1988. She became my mentor, encouraging me and educating me. Mirca invited me to be a guest in her home in Bucks County, Penn., on a regular basis. (Mirca also nominated Donna Baldwin for our Careigver of the Year contest; Donna’s experience inspired me to choose green for our next Family Caregiver Awareness Day–Wear Green on April 17.) ...

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Ends March 30: Buy Your “Wear Green” T-Shirts


On April 17, we’re wearing green to bring awareness to the family caregiver experience. We’re wearing green in order to lessen the loneliness and isolation that can be common when you care for a family member or friend. And, thanks to @yolanda, we’ve got a great slogan for our Wear Green t-shirt: “I’m a Family Caregiver, What’s Your Superpower?” Yolanda won our Wear Green slogan contest. Our “Wear Green” t-shirts are now available for purchase. ...

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Meeting and Tripping in Boston

I snapped a selfie of TDM and I during the fair.

As you know, I traveled to Boston last week to present at “Our Aging Market: Why Businesses Need to Respond,” an event sponsored by Harvard Business School Association of Boston. The event happened on the evening of March 5 so during the day I hosted our very first Wellness Fair for Those Who Care™ at a company based in Shirley, Mass. I took the train from Boston to Shirley and @thedogmama picked me up at ...

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When It’s an Epidemic, You Don’t Need a Caucus


When the first case of Ebola was diagnosed in the United States, we sprung into action. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention immediately put in place ways to track the disease and shared guidelines with health care professionals to ensure any further cases were properly diagnosed and contained. And, so it has been. When we know about our epidemics—our health crises in our communities—we take care of them so that we can take care ...

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What Message About Caregiving Do You Want Me to Bring to Boston?


I’m heading to Boston today to present tomorrow at “Our Aging Market: Why Businesses Need to Respond,” an event sponsored by Harvard Business School Association of Boston. I’ll be sharing thoughts about the family caregiver experience and positioning you as both consumers and employees of attendees. With that in mind, I’d love to know the messages you’d like me to bring to Boston. Tell me: As a consumer of products and services, what do you ...

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