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Acknowledging Last Wishes (Part 1)


As a caregiver, my mind sometimes goes to the unthinkable. “What if this is our last Christmas with Mom?” Am I making her last years memorable? In 2013, things were too chaotic. Not only did we host the holiday at “my” home, but I was also the only one who cared for my mom on and around the holidays. The morning routine is maddening but add holiday hustle and bustle?…I vowed we wouldn’t do that ...

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In Six Words, What Pushes Your Buttons?


Sometimes, I think the purpose of my family is simply to make sure I get a work-out. They just seem to know exactly how to push my buttons. They start just that conversation and or make just that comment that gives my buttons an exhausting work-out. In this six-word story, let’s share what pushes our buttons. Mine are: My mom demands but doesn’t thank. My dad refuses options for better. A friend complains while living ...

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Tell Us: How Do You Manage Your Caree’s Money When Spending Money Helps You?


We had an interesting conversation in our chat room the other night. One of our members shared how overwhelmed and burnt-out she feels. We did our best to come up with ideas to help as well as share words of encouragement. Her caree won’t accept outside help and she also won’t spend money to hire outside help. Her caree has dementia but her awareness around money is keen. What an awful dilemma. Money is available ...

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A Cheat Sheet: Your Caree Taps You to Play Santa to People You Hate


(Editor’s Note: In our series called “Cheat Sheets,” we share easy-to-remember tips to help you through caregiving’s most hair-raising and patience-testing moments.) Your family gathers at Thanksgiving and then spends Christmas separately. With Thanksgiving behind you, you think you’ve paid you penance. Until this morning. “I’m not up to shopping this year,” your caree says. “Would you buy presents for me?” Why you didn’t see this coming you have no idea. You hold your breath, ...

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Not This Time, Fortunately


He’s late. Tonight, he’s later than he’s ever been getting home from his art class. The rational side of me knows this is his only class this week and the teacher was going to tell them what is on the final. Maybe he needed help with his work. Maybe he had questions. Our son and I joke that he got detention. The irrational side of me feels ill. It’s planning what I need to grab ...

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A Cheat Sheet: You Burn the Thanksgiving Turkey


It’s been a bad week for you and your caree and, of course, it’s also the week of Thanksgiving and your turn to host. You’ve done your best to be organized, calm and grateful. But, you’re tired. And, feeling a little like toast. Your burn-out seems to be contagious because you actually burnt the turkey. You were so distracted by taking care of caregiving, that you didn’t notice the smoke, the buzzing smoke alarm, the ...

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Epilepsy Awareness Month Day 9: Impact of Epilepsy on Caregiving

Two thumbs up for these guys!

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month and it is also National Family Caregiver’s Month.  At my website, I am posting a video every day about the impact of epilepsy on Robert. In the post today, I talk about the impact epilepsy has had on caregiving for Robert. @Kreisler and Robert are in the video today so I wanted to share it with my friends here. You can read/see the entire video series on Following is ...

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Podcast: Communicating about Alzheimer’s Disease


Denise was joined by Claire Day, our dementia care expert, on August 26th. They discussed how to communicate about your caree’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease with family members and friends. Be sure to listen below and as always leave your comments. Hugs:o) The Roving Reporter Check Out Caregiving Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Denise Brown on BlogTalkRadio

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My Heart Hurts

broken heart

Right now, I am sitting here and my heart hurts. My heart hurts because I am the only child of my mother’s who takes any responsibility to make decisions or help her make decisions about her care. I am the child for whom my parents did the least. There is the missionary family to whom my parents sent money, supplies and equipment. My parents handled their affairs here in the states while they did their ...

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