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Empathy and Caregiving


My SIL is a strong intelligent woman who has suffered things I never will, has gone down paths I couldn’t imagine. She has experienced pain both physically and emotionally I hope to never come close to experiencing. As hard as it gets for me as her caregiver I never lose sight of what this must be like for her. Around 14 years ago she left an abusive marriage, the man is quite literally a monster. ...

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Closure for a Ghost


Earlier this week, I mentioned my family’s secret–that my father’s father had left when my dad was 7 and his brother, 11. My dad rarely spoke about his father. I learned more of the story of his father from my dad’s cousin, Dick, who I visited when I was 28. During the visit, Dick spoke about my grandmother, her “difficulty” (she was really difficult to get along with) and shared the story of how my ...

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My Healing Season


I have lived with my parents for most of my adult life. Unfortunately. I have often wondered why this is. What could be possibly be the purpose? When my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer 10 years ago, a friend said, “It’s good you are home to help. I think this may be why you are living with them now.” Certainly, living with them helps them. And, most definitely, living with them alleviates my financial ...

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What Caregiving Has Done for Me


Hello everyone! My name is Susan and I am new to this site. I would like to share my story that brought me here in the first place. I believe that God has a plan for all of us. But I would never have  imagined that being a caregiver would become a part of my plan. I think in many ways it saved me. Allow me to explain. I received a frantic phone call from ...

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Forgiveness is a lot harder than people think. Especially when people are on the outside looking in. My mom had us taken away as children. As an adult I decided to have a relationship with her and my older sister Jennifer. My sister Jennifer is currently in a rehab program for her drug problems and to be honest she is the one being so critical of how I am caring for my mother. Well before she entered ...

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Podcast: Forgiving Those Who Don’t Help


Anna Stookey joined Denise on Monday, May 5th to talk about how to forgive those who don’t help. I must say it was very interesting. I can say from my own experience after Nicole’s diagnosis that people that I thought would be there for me weren’t and the ones I didn’t expect were. Make sure you listen to the show and as always leave your comments below. Hugs:o) Jane ~ The Roving Reporter Current Caregiving ...

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In Six Words, What Makes You Jealous?


Yesterday, Holly, who cares for her husband, joined me for Table Talk on Your Caregiving Journey to discuss forgiveness. (You can listen to our show via the player below.) As we spoke our forgiveness, Holly spoke about the importance of forgiving herself, especially during her moments of jealousy. @Trish, who joined us in the show’s chat room, mentioned that she has moments of envy as well. So, let’s talk about what makes us jealous in ...

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A Day on the Farm – Easter


So today on the farm the mood was much brighter than just because it was Easter. We had a real present from my sister, Jennifer. A surprise visit at that! With all going on with my mom and my toddler I rarely make time for myself or go do things just for me, but we like to celebrate holidays in whatever county we are in. In these celebrations or holidays on the farm we are ...

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A Day on the Farm


(Editor’s Note: We welcome a new blogger today, Robin, who cares for her mom. You can connect with her on her profile page:  @robincjsmom. Robin will write periodic updates and short stories about how she sees life on the Farm.) I chose to name our new home The Farm, well, truly and honestly, because we have so many animals. It then became so much more. and acronym for Farm was born. The Farm Family Animals ...

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