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Today is a Day of Discovery


(Editor’s Note: We welcome TJ to our blogging team today. You can connect with TJ on her profile page: @tjcrn.) Today I discovered, realized, that my mom of 53 years who lives with me does not remember me at all. Oh, yes, there have been glimpses of this day coming, but to spend hours reminding her who I am just to realize that her last words before going to sleep are, Are you a Catholic? ...

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Poll: What’s Your Greatest Challenge Today?


The challenge of a caregiving day is managing all the challenges of a caregiving day. I’d love for you to tell us which challenges you are facing today. Please select the challenges(s) you’re facing today in our poll, below. You can select as many as you’re facing. And, feel free to share your thoughts about your challenges in our comments section, below. Create your own user feedback survey

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Tell Us: What’s the Most Insensitive Comment You’ve Received?


Last week, my mom returned home for one of her bridge games very upset because of a comment from a fellow player. My dad had been fighting a bad cold, which was a huge concern given his upcoming surgery. My mom expressed her concerns about the cold, to which a player responded, “Maybe this a sign that you should consider options other than surgery.” To which my mom replied, “We want him to live! My ...

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EXTREME Caregiving: Finding Balance


We’ve had an action packed few days. Again I see how profoundly a change in how you think about things can affect EVERYTHING. Friday morning we had many visitors. I hadn’t REALLY realized it’s been three months since the EXTREME part of our journey began. My days go by, it’s all about medication times and school days, what days nurses are coming, and in between all the little fires it seems I’m always putting out. ...

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EXTREME Caregiving: A New Approach


magA few days ago I was at such a low point. SIL (as shared previously) was falling and we figured out it was attention seeking. I got so hurt and confused. I usually take things in stride, but I’m sorry to say I didn’t this time. The pressures of the situation caught up I guess. I was so sad, so disheartened by that. Just WHY when I do everything I can to help her? SIL ...

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EXTREME Caregiving: Another Day


Oh lord…the antics continue. Today she’s worried “the guy” is going to force Mom and SIL into prostitution. lol Mom’s 64 and SIL looks 84. lol Whomever “the guy” is, he’s an idiot and quite obviously I’m going to have to change the channel in her room! Haha She’s always watched crime shows so I’d keep the tv on her shows. Looks like I’m putting on Nickelodeon,Law & Order SVU is out! I hate to ...

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Tell Us: When Was Your Last Blow-Up?


Oh, we try. We bite our tongue. We take time to heal our broken caregiving heart. We pay attention to when we feel loved so we keep that feeling. But, it’s inevitable simply because of how much our day asks of us. We run out of patience which means we lose our temper. We blow–turning red, stomping our feet, clenching our fists and saying words we often later wish we could take back. The guilt ...

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EXTREME Caregiving: The Saga Continues


Definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. SIL physical condition continues to improve beyond all expectations but good God, any reasonable behavior is sorely lacking! Mom and I had a baby shower to go to and left SIL with a trusted babysitter while my son was also home. Far be it for us to think Mom and I could leave the house together for four hours! SIL caused ...

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EXTREME Caregiving: I’m So Imperfect But Oh Well!


As we yet again adjust to SIL’s change in condition and behavior I ended up kind of losing it. SIL is much clearer, speaking as well as walking better. Last week her social worker came by and she was relaying stories from her past, a good story about her run in with a moose in Alaska, I knew she was coming back! I’d heard the story before and she said it all right. Amazing, truly. ...

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Tell Us: When Do You Bite Your Tongue?


Perhaps it’s after hearing certain words, like “I don’t need any help doing that” or “I don’t have allergies” or “I know I said I would help but I’m busy next Saturday.” Perhaps it’s after you update the uninvolved family members who them involve themselves with critiquing questions like, “Can’t you figure out a cheaper way?” A caregiving situation can feel like an exercise in biting your tongue. Tell us, in our comments section, below, ...

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