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How Are You Managing?


As you navigate the Christmas holiday, please feel free to vent and share by posting a comment here or by visiting our 36-hour chatroom. You can visit us as often as you need to update us. Wishing you and yours a holiday that brings you moments of calm and comfort. Related Articles Holiday Stress: Beating the Pressure to Make It Perfect ( Managing Your Caregiving Fears ( Peace On Earth ( Is This Heaven Sent? ... Read More »

Over Christmas, a 36-Hour Chat


Because we understand you may not be where you want to be and may need a place to go, we’re opening a chatroom for 36 hours for any family caregiver who needs a place to vent, share or connect over Christmas. Our virtual chatroom doesn’t require gas or your heavy winter coat. If you need time away from family, if you need to connect with others who understand, if you need a friendly face who ... Read More »

Podcast: Table Talk with Holly


Denise and Holly, who cares for her husband, shared some great ideas of presents we can receive which become the gift of love. As always, I love listening to Holly. I absolutely loved her list. I especially liked someone to be her mother for the day. I would love this to. I only thought of a couple of things while I was listening to the show one was a massage (even if it is 15 ... Read More »

Which Gifts Should be Under Every Family Caregiver’s Tree?


Ah, there’s nothing like the perfect gift. When you receive just what you wanted and needed, you feel understood, appreciated, loved. The present gives the best gift–that wonderful feeling of being accepted just as you are, just as you want, just as you need. So, I wonder: What gifts should be under every family caregiver’s tree? What present would give the gift of love, acceptance and understanding? Please share your gift ideas in our comments ... Read More »

Podcast: How Do You Keep the Holiday Spirit?


Denise along with her co-host, @Trish, discussed the question “How do you keep the Holiday Spirit?” I liked the insights given by both Denise and Trish on this subject. Make sure you listen to the show and let us know what you do to keep the holiday spirit. Hugs:o) Jane~ The Roving Reporter More Caregiving Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Denise Brown on BlogTalkRadio Related Articles Call in Show: When Was the Last Time ... Read More »

In Six Words, What’s Hard about the Holidays?


We hope the holidays will be easy. The reality, though, is that much can happen during the holidays which make them difficult. A hospitalization, a decline, a family feud can make a holiday season feel a bit like, well, hell. For you, what’s hard about the holidays? Tell us about your holiday hardship. And, because we could all use a bit of fun, please share in six words so it sounds like this: We are ... Read More »

The Energy Crisis


Steve lives with an energy crisis – his own. If he does too much one day, he isn’t able to do much the next. The catch is what defines “too much” and how and when it will impact him. Sometimes it’s obvious when Steve’s done too much. Last week, Steve attended a meeting at his former employer’s. After the meeting he visited with people for a couple of hours. He told me he knew he ... Read More »

Happy Holiday Progressive Blog Party!!


It’s a cook-free (and dirty dish-less!) Progressive Party. Throughout the week of December 8, we’re stopping by the blogs of family caregivers, dropping off holiday well-wishes and good cheer. Our party also includes companies that provides services and/or products to help family caregivers. You can see the participating blogs and websites here. Simply visit each site and share comfort, cheer and your story as you click along. Be sure to say you’re visiting because of ... Read More »

Progressive Blog Party Participants


Thanks so much to the following blogs and websites that have joined our Fifth Annual Holiday Progressive Blog Party! Throughout the week of December 9, we’ll stop by the blogs of family caregivers, dropping off holiday well-wishes and good cheer. Our party also includes companies that provides services and/or products to help family caregivers. Be sure to stop by each site during the week. When you stop by, share a comment and let the blogger ... Read More »

Platitudes on Gratitudes

You can't burn store-bought cookies.

10 Reasons to Be Grateful for Your Caregiving Role 1. A built-in excuse to cut back on time spent with certain family members over the holidays. What a great way to cut down of these distasteful side dishes of judgments and opinions. Who needs those calories! 2. You’re crabby? Someone even ventures to question your crabbiness? Give them the throwdown: “It’s the caregiving.” And, it’s not even a lie! 3. A guilt-free way out of ... Read More »

Finding Room In Your Day (and Your Heart) for the Holidays


Perhaps at one time in your life you loved the holidays. But in this time of your life, this time of caregiving, you just find yourself dreading them. Holidays seem to mean more: more work, more disappointment, more stress. Which means you must do more of what you just dislike: Asking for help, asking for understanding, asking for time. How, in a time that takes, like caregiving, can you find the energy for more? You’ll ... Read More »

Dementia, Drumsticks and Dressing


Dealing with Dementia During the Holidays As a caregiver to a mom with dementia for the past 15 years, I have found ways to make it easier on my husband, myself and Mom during the holidays. Here are a few of my suggestions for family caregivers and their carees with Alzheimer’s and other dementias during this season. I hope at least one of these will make your lives  bit easier. First, try to have family ... Read More »

Holiday Progressive Blog Party Guidelines


Are you a family caregiver with a blog? Be a host in our Holiday Progressive Blog Party, which takes place the week of December 8. It’s a cook-free party; instead of dishes, we’re sharing comfort and support. Throughout the week of December 8, we’ll stop by the blogs of family caregivers, dropping off holiday well-wishes and good cheer. On, we’ll give away a gift a day. For a chance to win, just post a ... Read More »

Podcast: Setting Expectations for the Holidays


Anna Stookey joined Denise on Oct. 8th to talk about the holidays and how to get through them easier. Check out the show and as always leave your comments below. How do you ensure you have the holiday you want? Hugs:o) Jane ~ The Roving Reporter New Caregiving Podcasts with Denise Brown on BlogTalkRadio Related Articles Ask Denise: How Do We Align the Family to Support Us and Mom? ( Table Talk with Chris… ( Surviving ... Read More »

Merry Christmas,


Knowing me I’ll be moving in thousand different directions over the next few days, not to mention the world is scheduled to end anyway so I figured I’d better wish my family an early holiday greeting now, at 3:00 am while I was thinking of it. The picture by the way is of the Christmas tree in my Mom’s nursing facility.  Mingled among the ornaments are pictures of the residents current and recently passed. ... Read More »

Perfect Imperfection


I’m so sorry I’m late! I’ve been trying to get to the party all week. I brought cookies!  We have Spritz butter trees, peanut butter balls and cream cheese wreaths.  I hope you enjoy them. But you see, there are seven more types of cookies I haven’t made.  Yes, I’ve made two batches of trees, one batch of peanut butter balls, and four batches of wreaths, but none of the seven other types.  However, I ... Read More »

Happy Holidays


From our house to yours, we hope this holiday season brings you blessings and comfort. Thanks so much for being a part of! Your presence is the best present. Related Articles Holiday Progressive Blog Party ( Holiday Survival Guide ( Webinar Follow-Up: What Will You Change This Holiday Season? ( Community Caregiving Journal ( Shop Our Store In Six Words: What’s Your Wish for Another Caregiver? ( Tips to Manage Dementia Care During the ... Read More »

Working and Caregiving: Communication, Flexibility, Creativity

When caregiving calls, can we leave work behind?

On today’s to-do list: Decorate the outside of the house;  Start and finish Christmas cards;  Pick up Robert and bring him to our house;  Help Robert maneuver through the myriad of Christmas decorations I have (hopefully) just installed;  Have Robert start his Christmas cards; Expecting him to finish in one day is unrealistic – actually expecting him to finish before Christmas is a stretch; (Yikes! I should have started a month ago!) The list goes ... Read More »

Tips to Manage Dementia Care During the Holidays


On Tuesday, Claire Day, our dementia care expert, joined me to share tips on managing the holidays on Your Caregiving Journey. You can listen to our show via the player below. During our show, Claire shared tips on how manage the special days during the holidays as well as the holiday season. The best way to manage the season, Claire said, is to prepare for it. Give thought to what will work for you and ... Read More »

Continuing Traditions

Turkey plate and divided dish

When I called in to one of the caregiving shows and spoke to Denise and Bette about the holidays, I said that we have turkey plates we always use on Thanksgiving. Denise asked me to blog about our tradition. I think these plates have been in our family for over 40 years.  As I recall,  my Mom purchased them at The Pottery Shack in Laguna Beach, CA. They were stored in the bottom of the ... Read More »

Christmas Card Exchange Group

Last year's White House Christmas card.

I have set up a Christmas Card Exchange Group. If you would like to participate by sending other members a Christmas card, just go here and sent me a request to join. I will then approve you and you can leave your address and wait for the cards to arrive in your mailbox and who doesn’t like getting cards? (You also can search for the group, Christmas Card Exchange, in our groups directory.) The ... Read More »

Giving Thanks in 2012


“Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks…”   [1 Thess 5:16-18a] A year ago I wrote a post titled “Giving Thanks” where I listed some of the Caregiving related items I was thankful for.  As the holiday rolled around again I contemplated what such a list would say this time around: I am thankful that my several family members who’ve died since last Thanksgiving are now at rest; their journey, their struggle is over. ... Read More »