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Healthcare-less or the Near Discharge from Hell


For those of you who have carees (or yourself) on Medicare or a Medicare Managed Care Plan, you may have glossed over, as many of us do, and not taken note of a document you receive at the time of admission to the hospital. The title is “An Important Message From Medicare About Your Rights.” Ask for a copy of this. Keep it with you for the duration of the stay. I passed over this ...

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Doctors, Doctors and More Doctors


I don’t know if anyone else had such harrowing experiences dealing with healthcare for the chronically Ill with several serious illnesses at the same time. As i have a few days to think and re-assess my caregiving responsibilities I’m reflecting on the past few months. Did you ever want to drop-kick a doctor? Or perhaps the whole team? Did you ever look at the team of 12-year-old med students and think to yourself how can ...

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Update 2/6/15, Day 7 After Surgery


On Sunday evening all she wanted to do was sleep. On Monday, she had  dialysis and OT and PT so I did not get to see her until afternoon. She was tired from her therapy and dialysis but over all seemed better. They unwrapped her leg for the first time today and it looks better than expected. Hard dressing is finally ordered as the social worker did not do anything on it Friday! I have ...

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Crisis: It Never Should Have Happened


A dialysis center is filled with medical professionals, healthcare workers; they are establishments that help keep people alive. I know. I trust them with my husband three times a week. His life depends on their diligence, their competence. And yet, they nearly caused the unthinkable to happen. Early Tuesday morning, near 1 a.m., I helped my husband to bed. After hoisting him in and getting him settled, I went and secured the house for the ...

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What Next?


What next? I know you should never think that because just when you think things couldn’t get worse they could. The last few days have been incredibly stressful for our family. First of all, Sunday, the 28th was my Mother’s birthday. It’s always a day of reflection for me and just kind of quiet here at home with memories around. Well Sunday night I was getting ready to put Dad to bed. We were coming ...

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The Many Faces and Ages of Caregiving

many faces of caregiving

Many times I think our society thinks  of caregivers as middle aged with aging parents or spouses .Although that is true there are many children and young adults who are thrown into caregiving roles. My kids who are now in their early 20’s have helped me care for my grandmother when she was alive and now my mom as well.They have over ten years of experience with medications, food prep,laundry care and companionship. Of course ...

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Update of 11/18/14


Mom is out of the hospital as of 6:45 p.m. last night. It was determined that she got a lung full of cold air and it caused spasms of the lungs and chest wall causing the shortness of breath and chest pressure. He foot is still giving her problems and they have supplied her with a ROOKE HFS Boot. She is to have this boot on any time she is not ambulating. She is not ...

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A Very Long Day


Never did get the test results yesterday. I left the hospital at 10 p.m. to go home to get something to eat and get some sleep. Just as I was falling asleep at Midnight, Mom calls the home phone balling to the point I could not understand her. Then my cell phone rings from the hospital number. The nurse is calling that they are having problems with Mom–can I come back and see her? I ...

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I Am Back!


Sheesh! I made it! First of all, thank you Denise, for getting me here! It has been a few years since I blogged, I’m just really feeling lately like I need the support. My mom spent a week in the hospital and two weeks in rehab. Prior to that I was having issues of my own. My doctor was overdosing me on thyroid medication. I was in the deepest darkest place ever. I had never ...

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Special Update of 11/12/14


Just a quick update to all: Mom is in the hospital. We went to her podiatry follow up and the podiatrist stated the pain she was having was not from plantar fasciitis, that she had more going on. The podiatrist called Mom’s PCP and then instructed us to go to ER. They were calling down there to let them know we were coming and what was happening. From ER they rushed her to interventional radiology ...

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