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Respite, The Acquired Acceptance


Respite is something I had to learn to do. I know that sounds funny but it’s true. Respite Three was excitedly anticipated. I had made a heart connection to the people on my on line support group at . I wanted so much to meet them and this was my chance to do so. You know, taking a cruise hasn’t really been on my “things to do” list. I don’t like to ride in ... Read More »

Caregiver Respite


I’m stuck. I’m so stuck, I don’t really know how deeply stuck I am. So this is my attempt to dig out. And it might have to come in small shovel fulls. Respite was a very welcomed and much needed time last November. Several months prior I had made arrangements to do the thing we warn our children not to do. Never travel anywhere unfamiliar alone. Never meet anyone from online, and especially never go ... Read More »

Video Chat: A Cruising Break


We’re having a video chat today at 4 p.m. ET (3 p.m. CT, 1 p.m. PT) with @kathy, @trish and @kreisler, who will share what it was like to get ready for our cruise, how they adjusted to their life after the cruise and how the break felt. Related Articles Video Chat: Caring for Mom and Brother-In-Law ( The Test … of a Marriage ( Farewell ( 10 Tips for Family Caregivers: Beating the After-Break ... Read More »

Are We Doing the Right Thing?

Robert loves pizza

Are we doing the right thing Is going on this cruise something we should be doing right now? Should we wait until things clear up? Or should we go? Understand that we have been the primary caregivers for my mother who has or had COPD, lung issues, stroke, heart valve issues, heart vales (x2) replaced,both knees replace (one of them twice) and is having problems with it and is now going through a pretty major ... Read More »

Respite, Act 3


When I was a young girl I used to love to visit the local park. The playground had a merry go round there. Not the carousel type with the horses but the colorful one that had the rut all the way around it where we ran while holding on to get it to spin, then we would jump on for the ride. If we were lucky we could get an adult or another person to ... Read More »

Join Us! We Set Sail November 11


We’re less than 60 days away from our Caregiving Cruise and we’d love for you to join us. We set sail on November 11 for a four-day cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Sky. We leave from Miami and then head for three stops in the Bahamas before returning to Miami. This cruise is for those currently caring for a family member or friend and for those who’s caregiving experience has ended because of their ... Read More »

Can I Pull Off Vacation?


A couple of months ago Hubby asked “So how long has your mom been here? About a year now?” “No,” I replied, “It’ll be three years in October.” His eyes widened, “You gotta be kidding me!” No I wasn’t kidding. In that two plus years he has had eight weeks of vacation from his job. In the same time I have had exactly two days off. Hospitalizations don’t count as far as I’m concerned! For ... Read More »

When You Are Toast, Eight Tips to Heal the Burn


Bonnie is burnt, just like the over-toasted piece of bread that pops up from her toaster. She even looks toasted–frayed around the edges with new wrinkles forming every day. She spends as much time as she can with her father who resides in a skilled nursing facility. As much as she can means lunch (rushing from her job) and dinner (then rushing home to cook for her family). Her evenings include phone call updates to ... Read More »

Pavilion Paradise


The photo shows one of two pavilions at my community park, a couple of miles from home. This pavilion is the one with “my” picnic table. I come here with my MP3 player, journal notebook, other book(s)/eReader, and camera. Opposite the pavilion (and behind me from this photo angle) is a soccer field that is also used for kite flying. More recently it’s served as the “airport” for a remote-controlled plane: Out of frame to ... Read More »

Grandma’s Rules


(The following is a loose paraphrase of a conversation I had with Grandma.) “Rule #1,” Grandma said emphatically. “Don’t rush me. I’ll get there.” We were at the breakfast table, talking about my upcoming visit to the Dominican Republic. I’ve been preparing Grandma for this trip for the last few days, reminding her that I would only be gone for a week. “Who’s going to take care of me while you’re gone?” she asked. I ... Read More »

On August 27, An Online Concert for You

On Tuesday, August 27 at 1 pm ET (Noon CT 10 a.m. PT), Faith Rivera will host the first of her virtual monthly concerts on The performance will be a “musical spa for the soul,” Rivera says, and was organized at the request of a family caregiver. Rivera is an Emmy-winning positive music artist, singer and songwriter and describes her music as “groovy conscious.” “Recently, a fan of mine reached out to me about ... Read More »



(Photo: Tussock moth cocoon.) On Thursday night my partner thanked me for being a source of stability through her ups and downs. I was grateful for her gratitude, and grateful for that moment, which allowed for gratitude on both our parts. I know those moments are fleeting. We’ve had — knock on wood — no crises here in recent days. It’s just that the days have been draining for me on many levels. They’ve been ... Read More »

Tell Us: What’s Your Perfect Staycation?


Because our StayCation Challenge ends Friday, I thought it would be fun to inspire you to take a StayCation in the next few days by sharing our ideas of a perfect staycation. So, when you can’t leave your house or your town and you need a vacation, what would be your perfect staycation? In our comments section, below, please tell us: What’s your perfect staycation? Related articles Take’s StayCation Challenge ( How Do You ... Read More »

Take’s StayCation Challenge


It’s one more thing to give up because of caregiving: A vacation. Just because you stay home, though, doesn’t mean you can’t still have some fun. And, just think, the fun comes without having to pack, unpack, organize, schedule, fret, worry, cajole and leave. And, to encourage you to have some fun, we’re sponsoring a StayCation Challenge. From now until July 12, take a staycation, even if it only lasts for five minutes. Think you ... Read More »

Caring for Parents Part 4 (Climbing Mountains)


I’m at the house and no one is here, so I’m relishing time away from dementia. Just read the blog that asks, “Have you had your blowup?” and I think I have. I’m at my saturation point and need rest, but I’m not sure how to savor time or get time while I’m with my parents.  I just spent I think an hour trying to find a sock that I washed, tore apart my bed ... Read More »

Getting a Break: Ideas for a Week Of Respite


@G-J shared a story with me about caring for her father about five years ago during our Sandwich Shop talk show in January. After her mother died, G-J’s father moved from Arizona to her home in California. After a few months of living together, G-J invited her father to join her husband and son on a long-planned week-long vacation. His response: Absolutely not. I’m not going. But G-J couldn’t not go. It had been a ... Read More »

Getting a Break: Ideas to Get a Day of Respite


In my post on Tuesday, I suggested ideas so you can take a break for a few hours. Those few hours can be feel great until you think, “I need more! I need more time away!” So, let’s take a look at how you can arrange to take time away from caregiving for an entire day. Adult day services: While you take a day off, your caree attends an adult day service, which provides activities, ... Read More »

Getting a Break: Ideas to Get a Few Hours of Respite


We regularly talk about taking a break to offset the intensity of caring for a family member. With breaks, you can manage what’s required of you in caregiving. But the work behind making the break happen can feel so overwhelming that you may be tempted to simply skip the break. So let’s break it out down so you can feel like a break is not only possible but doable. Today, I’ll offer ideas on how ... Read More »

While We WAIT, A Cruising Conversation

The first night of our caregiving cruise includes a one-hour cocktail hour.

This morning on Your Caregiving Journey, @trish and @karlandjerry joined me for Table Talk. You can listen to our show via the player, below. Trish gave us an update on Robert, who was hospitalized yesterday with an initial diagnosis is sepsis. Trish feels confident about the care he’s receiving in the ICU and joined us for the show on her way to the hospital. Trish also shared what it was like to be our very ... Read More »

Sign the Petition to Congress: Make Respite for Family Caregivers a Priority


ARCH National Respite Coalition created a petition last night asking Congress to make respite for family caregivers a national priority. The petition reads: To: Congress The 65 million family caregivers in the US need respite. It is among the most frequently requested support services, yet 90% of family caregivers are not receiving respite of any kind. The consequences can be serious. Without support, many family caregivers of children and adults with disabilities and chronic conditions ... Read More »

How Do You Find Relief?


Yesterday on Your Caregiving Journey, Ellen Burton, life and business coach, joined me to discuss relief. You can listen to our show via the player below. Ellen and I spoke about the importance of finding relief during your day–relief from responsibilities, tasks and worries. The relief comes in our breaks but our breaks must provide moments of relief. We need to be fully present during our breaks; a break will not provide relief if our ... Read More »

On TableTalk, Trish Takes Us On Her Trip


On Saturday, Trish joined me for Table Talk to discuss her recent European vacation. You can listen to our show via the player below. During our show, Trish talked about getting ready for her trip, how she told Robert about her trip, and how she and Richard, her husband, managed his chronic pain during the trip. You also can read more about Trish’s trip on her recent post here. Trish joins me on Table Talk ... Read More »