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Video Chat: What’s Your Greatest Caregiving Challenge?


Tami (@tneumann), who cares for her son, joined me to discuss this question: What’s your greatest caregiving challenge? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in our comments section, below. Related Articles Friday Chat: A “Caregiving Tract” for Working Family Caregivers? ( Friday Chat: Paid Family Leave Overview ( In Six Words, What’s Your Greatest Caregiving Challenge? ( Video Chat: Must We Suffer? ( Video Chat: Taking Caregiving Public ( Friday Video Chat: ... Read More »

What Am I Doing? Where Do I Go Now?

2048 madness

“Oh my word, what am I doing here?” I think that thought once too often it seems, perhaps more when I’m worried or stressed. Or maybe lost (physically, emotionally or spiritually). I’ve been going through a lot of back and forth lately with a certain one for which I care. Sometimes, heck a lot of the times, things are so overwhelming for both of us it’s truly crazy-ville. To calm myself, I clam up and ... Read More »

In Six Words, What Makes You Mad?


A few of new members shared about the anger they feel in their profile pages. Caregiving can give you a ton of reasons to be mad. The problem is you often can feel guilty for getting angry. You may feel like a terrible person because you get mad at how many times you repeat the same answer to your caree. Or you may feel like an absolute heel that it makes you mad that you ... Read More »

A Cheat Sheet: Your Friend Tags You in His Vacation Photos


(Editor’s Note: Recently, we began a new series called “Cheat Sheets.” We’ll share easy-to-remember tips to help you through caregiving’s most hair-raising and patience-testing moments.) This really could be the worst week of your life. Nothing is going right. You can’t get to work on time, you can’t find a home health aide who knows how to care for your caree, you can’t get to the store to buy groceries, you can’t sleep. You’re surviving ... Read More »

Tell Us: Which Task Would You Delegate?


Last month, we launched our Daily Log Project, which asks you to track your responsibilities, tasks and reminders during one caregiving day. (Read what happened when @Trish, who cares for her brother, tracked her day.) Rajiv Mehta, founder of Unfrazzle, and I began the project with the purpose of better understanding your day so we can better meet your needs. And, in order to better understand your day, we need to know the tasks of ... Read More »

Tell Us: Is It Okay to Pass on Fun?


Scott cares for his wife, Beth. He does what he can to make time for himself, to take breaks as he can. The past few months, though, have been particularly tough. He feels like he’s fighting a battle just to maintain the status quo, to keep Beth out of the hospital, to help her regain her strength. He feels for Beth, who tries so hard to stay positive but really struggles to keep her smile. ... Read More »

Three Pounds Overnight Or Six Pounds in a Week


Water everywhere and not a drop to drink is an appropriate title for this blog. I had coffee with my mother who suffers from heart issues (COPD), edema (excess fluid in the body) and several other medical issues. During our get-together she mentioned that during the past several days she added four pounds to her weight. Just before her double heart valve replacement surgery, Mom’s excess fluid pressed on the bottom of her lungs and ... Read More »

Sometimes, They Just Don’t Help


We all hear (and I often say) that asking for help is imperative during a situation like caregiving. You simply have too much to do to do it all yourself. This is completely true. Sometimes, though, the message to ask for help doesn’t represent the complete picture. I attended a webinar yesterday during which the experts kept reiterating that family caregivers need to ask for help. For some reason, this really rubbed me the wrong ... Read More »

The Storm Before the Calm, I Hope


If I’m getting this right, we are at the, “Storm Before the Calm, I Hope.” In the past few months, Robert’s coughing, wheezing and seizures have seem to be getting out of control. Not saying we can’t control it. Most of you know mine and Trish’s attitude toward control. There is nothing I can think of that between us over the seventeen years that we have been unable to control. Things may get out of ... Read More »

Webinar Follow-Up: What’s a Strategy You’ll Use During Your Next Crisis?


In yesterday’s webinar, “Strategies to Help Manage a Caregiving Crisis,” I shared suggested strategies you can use to manage your next caregiving crisis. Because, in caregiving, it can see the only constant is crisis. (Please note: Our archive is available for everyone today (February 27) and to only our members beginning February 28.) I’d love to know: What strategy will you use to help you through the next crisis? Tell us about the strategy in ... Read More »

In Six Words, What Are You Over?


I’m so over winter. Yes, you, winter. You can have your below-zero temperatures, your wind chill warnings, your tarnished blanket of snow. Oh, yes, you can have my parka, my ski hat and my warm red mittens. I am over you. I’d love to know: What are you over? And, tell me what you’d love to see in your rear view mirror in six words, like this: I’m over the never-ending laundry. I’m sooooo over ... Read More »

Wednesday’s Webinar: Strategies to Manage a Caregiving Crisis


A huge blow-up between family members. A terrifying hospital stay. A home health quits without notice. The constant of caregiving is a crisis. Join me on Wednesday for this month’s free webinar during which I’ll share strategies you can use to keep you cool and make it through a crisis. The webinar takes place on February 26 at Noon ET (11 a.m. CT, 9 a.m. PT). Register for “Strategies to Manage a Caregiving Crisis.” Related ... Read More »

A Day with a Family Caregiver

A favorite caregiving moment

Richard (@kreisler) and I recently participated in a project created by Denise, Chris MacLellan, founder of, and Rajiv Mehta, founder of Unfrazzle. It is easy enough to do: keep track of your caregiving day on a log provided by Denise and Raj. Denise, Chris and Raj created the log and are asking caregivers to participate (visit here for more information.) Before completing the log, I thought my caregiving day consisted of getting Robert ready for ... Read More »

The Stress Press


They say journaling helps with stress, so I’m counting on that with this post today. Evidently my stress must be at high tide, judging by my impatience and anger levels lately. I’m embarrassed by MY behavior these days, not Dean’s! What a switch. But it helps me empathize with his outbursts more. I know what they feel like. And I’m forced to “take five” and evaluate what’s going on in my life to make me ... Read More »

A Cheat Sheet: Your Boss Follows Your Blog


(Editor’s Note: Recently, we began a new series called “Cheat Sheets.” We’ll share easy-to-remember tips to help you through caregiving’s most hair-raising and patience-testing moments.) On a whim, you started a blog about caring for your in-laws. You began by treading gently into the unfamiliar territory of sharing your private life in a public way. You fretted about the first few posts: What would others think? Would anyone leave a nasty comment? With each blog ... Read More »



Some days can feel like the ol’ bait and switch. You get lured in, thinking all is going swimmingly and then bam! you can barely keep your head above the water. Then the chastising begins. “I should known better,” you’ll tell yourself. “I should have known this day just could not go right.” And, so they day ends, with you feeling like the little fish that got swallowed up by the big whale. Know that ... Read More »

In Six Words, How Do You Describe Caregiving Stress?


Last night’s #carechat on Twitter focused on stress–what makes the caregiving experience so stressful, how unprepared you can be to manage that level of stress and how to cope with it. Last night’s chat inspired today’s six-word story request. I’d love to know, in six words, how you describe your caregiving stress. Examples include: My heart will fall out. My palms will sweat an ocean. In our comments section below, please tell us your six-word ... Read More »

Not Jeannie or a Genie


I am not Jeannie, as in I Dream of Jeannie, nor am I a genie. I do not grant wishes, I don’t look like Barbara Eden, I don’t live in a bottle or a lamp, and I don’t have a master. I think I’ve given the wrong impression that I might be a genie, though. Either that, or my husband thinks he is Captain Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Many times during the ... Read More »

When You Look Back, What Will Make You Proud?


Some days feel like 10 years rather than 24 hours. And, on those days, caregiving seems like it will never end. Except that it does. As hard as it is to think about caregiving ending, I think the knowledge that it ends helps you let go of what doesn’t matter and hold on to what does. It’s tough, though, because the grind of caregiving can cover up what really matters. An insight from your future ... Read More »

Tell Us: What’s Your Art Exhibit?


During Sunday’s night chat on Twitter, we focused on creativity during caregiving. We shared about our creative outlets and how help during a stressful situation. I loved our discussion, which reminded us that creating can be a coping strategy. I asked a question during the end of our chat that I loved (if I do say so myself). So, I’m going to ask you the same question: We’re in a museum and come across your ... Read More »

A Cheat Sheet: You Make a Support Group Member Cry


(Editor’s Note: Recently, we began a new series called “Cheat Sheets.” We’ll share easy-to-remember tips to help you through caregiving’s most hair-raising and patience-testing moments.) You had a great day. You arrived everywhere on time, you had just what you needed when you needed it, you had fun, you even had a few minutes to read a book. The day was so great that you actually have time to attend the monthly support group at ... Read More »

Podcast: An Emotional Table Talk


Holly joined Denise on January 25th for Table Talk. Holly, who cares for her husband, talked about her latest loss. It was a very good but emotional show. My deepest sympathies go out to Holly at the loss of Riley. I know how hard it is to lose a pet. What awesome friends you have to help you like that. Holly inspires me to be a better person and try to cope better with Nicole’s ... Read More »