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In Six Words, What Reminds You That You’re Dropping Balls?


As I write this, I’m looking a dead plant. She died a few weeks ago and I’ve yet to revive her. I’m not sure when she died–I only that I noticed her expiration about a week ago. I haven’t killed a plant this dead in quite some time. Her cause of death was too much to do and too little time to get it done. The dead plant reminds that I’m dropping balls. I didn’t ...

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In Six Words, Tell Us About Yesterday


A caregiving day is like no other day and no caregiving day may be the same. What you did yesterday may not be what you do today. And, who knows what will happen tomorrow. For this six-word story, tell us about yesterday. Whenever you read this post, tell us about the day that’s just passed. And, feel free to share as many six-word stories about yesterday as you need. I’ll choose a random winner to ...

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Tell Us: What Has Been Taken Away Because of Caregiving?


Earlier this week, I wrote about how I hate to ask for help because I fear that I’ll lose what I love to do. Yesterday, I received an email about an activity I love to do–co-host #eldercarechat–and asking me if I was up to continuing. It was the email I dreaded receiving and worked so hard to not happen. I explained that I can continue and will continue. But, oh, my heart dropped. It may ...

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Today is a Day of Discovery


(Editor’s Note: We welcome TJ to our blogging team today. You can connect with TJ on her profile page: @tjcrn.) Today I discovered, realized, that my mom of 53 years who lives with me does not remember me at all. Oh, yes, there have been glimpses of this day coming, but to spend hours reminding her who I am just to realize that her last words before going to sleep are, Are you a Catholic? ...

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I read The Dance of Anger, about how women have trouble expressing anger and how their anger is often not taken seriously anyway. Mom has always held in anger, and she always taught me to do the same: the things you say can hurt people, and you can’t take back the damage you do. I think she got yelled at in anger as a kid and really suffered from it. So I grew up never ...

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Tell Us: I Hate When…


…someone sends me unsolicited advice that’s not applicable to my situation. I also hate when my parents overreact to problems that don’t exist. For instance, they’ll often look out the window and anxiously say to me, “Where’s your car?” My car will be parked in front of the neighbor’s┬ábut they won’t look up and down the block, just directly out the window. I went through this yesterday–once with my mom and once with my dad. ...

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Thanks so much to all who commented with kind and supportive words to my last post. I’m feeling a little guilty for being inactive on the site, taking some support when I need it but not being around to give it back. Mom is having pain or discomfort in her lower abdomen these days. It feels to her like bladder pain, but it’s a constant ache rather than the burning pain typical of a UTI. ...

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Tell Us: When Do You Feel Resentful?


This morning on Your Caregiving Journey talk show. @goinhome, who cared for her mom and cares for her dad, joined me to talk about the insidious feeling of resentment. (Listen to our show archive.) Linda shared that she resented her mom, her mom’s doctors and her husband. We talked about what makes resentment so difficult–we’re pointing our finger at someone (or something) and saying, “I resent YOU.” Oh, gosh that’s hard. Linda mentioned that resentment ...

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Caregiving seems to take all your best guesses. Will this treatment work? Will this equipment work? Will the wheelchair fit in the car? Will we make it to the bathroom in time? Will the doctor return our call today? Will they take good care of my caree? And, the worst: When will this end? How will this end? Will I be okay when this ends? It can feel like one big guessing game all tied ...

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In Six Words, What’s Been the Greatest Change to Your Life?


Life changes because of caregiving. Sometimes it happens in an instant, sometimes it takes place over time. But, your life today is much different than the life you imagined for yourself and for your caree. In this six word story, I’d love to know what’s been the great change to your life. A six-word story about your change could look like this: I think twice about everything. Each day requires lots of planning. Please feel ...

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