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Oh, Denise Can Do That


Helping my parents means keeping their day running smoothly–whether it be fixing a computer or a cell phone, getting them to family functions and activities, resolving a worry or a fret (they worry and fret a lot). My siblings get involved for the doctors’ appointments, the holidays and the big events (like the surgeries). Each day, though, I do my best to ensure the boat stays afloat. On Saturday, my mom spoke with my brother ...

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Looking back on this weekend I have to say that this has been the best weekend and definitely the best Mother’s Day I have had in a while. A month or so ago I had a talk with a friend about the holidays, how they affect me, how I get nasty and hateful and somewhat crazy. After our talk I decided that this year was going to be the year of change for me and ...

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Confetti, Balloons and Circus Clowns


Well, we had our elder care geriatric appointment yesterday afternoon. It lasted over two hours and it was the best two hours I have spent in over two years!! On this appointment, you meet with an entire team one at a time. First it was the RN, she did the normal, blood pressure, temperature, going over past tests, answering questions type of routine. She had some answers to some of my questions, like if she feels cold ...

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My Passion


I have a lot of hobbies and interests in my life. The one thing that I do and have the most passion about more than any other thing is radio announcing, specifically, sports announcing. When I was a kid, my mom told me that I started reading the sports section of a newspaper when I was five years old. I started getting into sports like baseball, football and basketball. One day, I was watching the ...

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Leaning Downhill


Although I did some skiing “back in the day” because I wanted to be with my boyfriend/eventual husband, I never really loved it. Although I was moderately athletic, played tennis and volleyball, there was something about skiing I could never quite embrace. First, my safety depended on my own two legs, and they could fail me, particularly if fatigued. Second, my center of gravity kept me from getting up easily when I fell. For you ...

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In Six Words: When Do You Feel Successful?


Last week, we wrote six-word stories about when we feel defeated. This week, let’s share six-word stories about our successes. Your story could read like this: Success is taking a daily walk. Kindness during a challenge is success. What’s yours? Share your six-word story about feeling successful in our comments section, below.

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Tell Us: What’s One of Your Little Things?


On Tuesday during Care Break on Your Caregiving Journey, Bruce (@brucemc), Jane (@jbones1961) and I discussed the 101 little things we do as we care for family members and friends that make a big difference. Bruce shared how he spots ramps for his wife and helps her with her coat. Jane brushes her daughter’s hair after her shower. I provide IT support to my parents and offer context when the words of health care professionals ...

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Podcast: It’s the Little Things (All 101 of Them)


Denise was joined by Bruce McInytre on Tues., Feb. 24th to talk about 101 Things You Do That Make a Big Difference. What a great show. I agree with Denise that sometimes we are so use to doing these things that we forget that they aren’t normally done on a regular basis. Be sure to listen below and as always leave your comments. Hugs:o) The Roving Reporter Check Out Caregiving Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio ...

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You’ve Won the Oscar; What’s Your Acceptance Speech That Spotlights the Caregiving Experience?


Last month, we shared some of our Oscar-worthy performances that happen in a caregiving day. (Please feel fee to add yours.) You’ve won the Oscar, you’re heading up to the stage to receive your statue. In your acceptance speech, you want to create awareness for all the other individuals who do as you do–get up every day to provide the best care possible to a family member or friend. You want your speech to be ...

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Sometimes, caregiving feels loud. You may have to speak loudly to your caree to be heard. You may have to scream (at least in your head) at the insurance company to get the coverage you need. You may have to yell for help when a caregiving task overtakes. But even during its loudest moments, caregiving still seems to whisper to you: You won’t be able to keep up. You’re not strong enough to manage. You’re ...

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