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In the Details Lies the Love


A family caregiver sent me a tweet this morning that she logged her day. @caregiving Here is my day! Tracking my day: — Those who rock (@werocktheyroll) February 28, 2014 A tweet about the Daily Log Project starts my day on just the right note. I rush to read her blog post about her day (Tracking My Day). Oh, my. She writes quite simply about the day. In the early morning, she moves the ... Read More »

The Blessings of Cancer


My intent was pure, but my chest was tight. I really wanted this. As each member of the group entered the room I introduced myself and I was welcomed with hearty handshakes, but I also noticed the sideways glances. I was welcome, but not one of them. This was a group of cancer fighters, a group of men who shared a common struggle, prostate cancer, and some brought their wives, but I was an unknown, ... Read More »

Podcast: Getting to Your Success


Denise was joined by Ellen Rogin on January 9th to discuss how to overcome the obstacles we hit on the way to success. She gives of four tips that will help us. What a wonderful, informative show. Be sure to listen to the show and as always leave your comments below. Hugs:o) Jane ~ The Roving Reporter New Caregiving Internet Radio with Denise Brown on BlogTalkRadio Related Articles Our Caregiving Year in Review ( Tell ... Read More »

So Far, What’s the Biggest Caregiving Problem You’ve Resolved?


Over the weekend, I had an interesting discussion with my brother-in-law about his parents, who’ve had health issues the past few years. He said his dad is feeling much better now that his doctor adjusted one of his meds. For about a year, his dad was winded walking from one end of the house to the other. He saw his primary care doctor and his specialists, none of whom could pinpoint the cause or solve ... Read More »

Tell Us: What’s Your Advice to Yourself?


As I reflect, I think of 2013 as the year of the ups and downs. I had huge tumbles, taking really big falls. And, then I had huge highs, enjoying amazing moments. With reflection comes lessons learned and a hope for better. In 2014, I want to achieve a more even stride. My advice to myself to hit that steady pace is: Put your needs first because that’s the only way you can be truly ... Read More »

17 Reasons Why Caregiving Makes You Awesome


Caregiving can make you weary and, well, crabby. It also makes you awesome. And, I’ve got 17 reasons why caregiving makes you awesome. 1. You’re a best friend. Because of your caregiving responsibilities, you’ve lost some friends which means you know how to be a great one. You support and encourage and you stick by a friend when a friend needs one most. Your friends are very lucky to have you. 2. You are open ... Read More »

Where to Next?


On November 2nd, my husband, a friend and I joined a few thousand people to participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Huntington Beach, CA. Our team, Where to Next?, raised $2,440. It was an incredibly beautiful morning; the type that you picture when you think of Orange County, California. The weather was perfect! It was warm, but not hot, with no breeze which is so unusual! Often it’s cold and windy at the ... Read More »

World Alzheimer’s Month 2013


I wrote a letter to the editor of our community paper about World Alzheimer’s Month. They published it Friday. Here it is for you to read. September is World Alzheimer’s Month, making this a good time to talk about the stigma of Alzheimer’s and all dementias. First, to clarify, according to the 2012 World Alzheimer Report 2012, “Dementia is a syndrome that can be caused by a number of progressive illnesses that affect memory, thinking, ... Read More »

What Are Your Life’s Bravest Moments?


Last night, on Your Caregiving Journey, our conversation drifted to a discussion about bravery. We have many brave moments in our lives, which makes me wonder about your brave moments. We’re brave when we stay during difficult times, when we make a commitment that’s right for us, when we say “No” for the first time to a request, when we publicly tell our story, when we take risk without really knowing how we will land. ... Read More »

Tell Us: What Are You Surpised You Can Do?


@ejourney’s recent accomplishment (Endurance) made me think about those seemingly never-ending staircases we face. We doubt we’ll ever climb to the top much less reach the first landing. How will we ever make it? We wonder how we’ll finish the task, face the audience, address the concern, communicate our needs, stand up for what’s right, resolve the issue, overcome the fear. And, yet, somehow we do. So, I’d love to know: What have you done ... Read More »

How Do You Describe Caregiving Responsibilities on Your Resume?


Yesterday, during yesterday’s webinar, Using Caregiving to Help Your Career, I offered tips on how you can talk about caregiving on your resume. (If you’re a member, you can watch the archive of Using Caregiving to Help Your Career.) So, I’d love to see the paragraph you created which describes your caregiving role. Please feel free to share your paragraph in the comments section, below. Related Articles What’s Caregiving Like for You? Take our ... Read More »

Back to…

It’s back to school time! If you are raising a child, they have either started school or will be returning to school very soon. With the start of the school year comes excitement, anxiety, new clothes, new school supplies, the outlay of a lot of money, and a busier schedule. If you’re also a family caregiver, you may be wondering how you will juggle everything. You might be an experienced family caregiver who has been ... Read More »

Share the Beauty of Your Day


I really believe we are given beauty as a way to cope with difficulty. And, Pegi’s recent post (A Moment to Share or Rainbow Reflections) reminds me of that. Sometimes, though, a challenging day seems to mask the beauty within that day. So, let’s share the beauty in our days. I’ve created a new group called “Beautiful.” Join the group, take photos when you see beauty in your day and then share the photo (and ... Read More »

The Juggling Caregiver


Announcer’s Voice: Ladies and gentlemen! Today we bring you one of the most daring feats known to mankind.  We have with us a woman, measuring in at 5’ 1 1/2” who is going to try to dazzle you with her juggling, and not just any juggling! She is going to try to juggle two men! Yes, you heard that right! Previously, she has attempted juggling two men and a boy with less than impressive results, ... Read More »

A Tree that Gives Back a Life


When I start my week with CBS Sunday Morning, I start inspired. It’s an amazing television show that educates, informs and comforts. I miss it when I miss it. I’m so glad I watched it this morning. Today, the show featured a personal commentary from Mark Hirsch, a photographer from Platteville, Wisc. His story reminds me of @comicvixen’s post from Friday and @Jan’s post from yesterday. He tells his story in the video, below. Related ... Read More »

Congratulations! Your Situation is Catastrophic!


Never did I think that being in a catastrophic situation would be a good thing, but when it comes to Medicare and prescription drug coverage, it isn’t bad. Since Steve is permanently disabled, last year he became eligible for Medicare. We selected a Medicare Advantage plan.  His plan has four drug payment stages, but Stage 1 does not apply to Steve’s plan, so he starts in Stage 2. He stays in that stage until year-to-date ... Read More »

Easy Breezy Summertime


I’m experiencing a unique time in my life. For the first time in over six years, there is no immediate, pressing, red-letter emergency brewing. I haven’t been to the Emergency Room in months. No one is in the hospital. No rushed trips home, only a few urgent phone calls. It’s been weird. Mind you, I remain as busy as ever. Mom is still a dementia patient residing full time in an Alzheimer’s facility. Mom readily ... Read More »

Co-Caregiving: Tips for Success

Trish and Richard with Robert in the middle

(Reprinted from Trish’s website Our caregiving situation is not unusual. According to a 2009 study conducted by the National Alliance for Caregiving in collaboration with AARP, approximately one-third of caregivers care for two or more people. In our own situation, I am the primary caregiver for my brother, Robert, and Richard (@kreisler) is the primary caregiver for his mom, Carol. To add to the mix, Richard is a caree himself because of his chronic ... Read More »

Tell Us: Your Advice to a Friend New to Caregiving


Earlier today, I wrote about a new guide that’s now available called A Caregiving Survival Guide. In the guide, you share your best suggestions, tips and resources with a friend, colleague or family member who is new to a caregiving role. You pass along your wisdom, your lessons learned and your best solutions to help a friend caring for a family member with a chronic illness. So, I’d love know: What advice would you offer ... Read More »

Now Available: A Guide from a Caring Friend


A few weeks ago, I spent the afternoon with two of my nieces and my sister. My oldest niece lives in an area of a Chicago suburb that includes lots of fun shops. As we browsed through a gift store, I happened upon a book for moms to give their daughters. The title was something like, “Words of Wisdom from a Mom to her Daughter.” OHHHH!! I thought. Wouldn’t it be great for family caregivers ... Read More »

Tell Us: What Will You Stop?


Last month, while preparing our free webinar, Moving from Sacrifice to Compromise, I ran across Dr. Phil’s 10 Life Laws. In an article about his Life Laws, he suggested questions we can ask ourselves in order to make positive changes in our day. I can’t recall all the questions because I can only remember one: What will you stop doing today? For some reason, this idea of stopping really hit me. I’m always starting–a new ... Read More »

What Dementia Cannot Do


There is an inspirational poem entitled, “What Cancer Cannot Do” which you may have seen on the internet.  I started a list of What Dementia Cannot Do and would love to have you add to it.  (Dementia is being used here as that umbrella term encompassing dementia as well as Alzheimer’s, Frontal Temporal Dementia, Lewy-Body Dementia, Mild Cognitive Impairment and every other diagnosis that falls into this category.) - Take away your accomplishments - Remove ... Read More »