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Dear Family, Because I’m a Caregiver…


On Sunday, we met on Twitter for #carechat, our every-other-week gathering with others who care for a family member or friend. We discussed how to keep a life during caregiving and the importance of having help so we can keep an activity or an event that’s important to us. During our chat, @karavanderpoolward had a great idea. “I think we need a set of download-able letters,” she tweeted. “Dear (siblig,neighbor,dr.,friend,) I am a CG, and this is what you ...

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New Chats: Cancer Care, End-of-Life Care, Young Adult Family Caregivers


We want to make sure you have the support and connections you need throughout your caregiving experience. To ensure we do that, we’ve added three new chats to our list of chats for our members: Cancer Care: A chat for those caring for a family member with cancer takes place on the fourth Thursday of each month at 8 p.m. ET (7 p.m. CT, 5 p.m. PT). End-of-Life Care: A chat for those caring for ...

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Isn’t Yours a Life Worth Remembering?


Everyone is passionate about something. We all have a cause that inspires us and makes us want to change the world or at least that one aspect of the world. Mine is Alzheimer’s. You might wonder why a woman in her early 50’s, with an 18-year-old son, a 60-year-old husband, with both parents deceased would care about Alzheimer’s. It’s because in December 2009, my husband was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a possible precursor ...

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The Plot Thickens


For Veterans Day, my daughter and I took Mom to visit my father’s grave. Daddy passed away 11 years ago. We had always made the trip to the VA cemetery twice a year but since Mom’s stroke, the routine has changed. Lately, Mom doesn’t “feel up to going.” This week she said,”If the weather permits, I would like to go.” So, yesterday was the first time in over a year that we ventured to the ...

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The Alien in Our House


My husband has dyslexia, so he’s never been a reader. He peruses the newspaper (yes, we still get a daily paper) and if he reads anything, it’s an article in the business section. My husband doesn’t like to swim. He grew up in a house with a pool, was certified as a diver, was even a lifeguard, but has always told me he doesn’t like to swim. Over the years I’ve seen him lounge in ...

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So Far, What’s the Biggest Caregiving Problem You’ve Resolved?


Over the weekend, I had an interesting discussion with my brother-in-law about his parents, who’ve had health issues the past few years. He said his dad is feeling much better now that his doctor adjusted one of his meds. For about a year, his dad was winded walking from one end of the house to the other. He saw his primary care doctor and his specialists, none of whom could pinpoint the cause or solve ...

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The Memories You Save

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“The memories you save could be your own.” Can you think of any better reason to do everything you can to help advance Alzheimer’s prevention research through education, advocacy and study participation?  There is a way that you, and everyone 18 and older can help. On November 13th, I participated in a webinar with Banner Alzheimer’s Institute to learn about the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry.   First, a quick education about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia because ...

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On a Serious Note (Hug a Loved One), Part III


On a Serious Note (Hug a Loved One) III: Mom’s little Princess Taffy decided that 3:30 (a.m.) was the perfect time to need to go out and patrol the perimeter of the backyard, after she had already used my office/spare bedroom. I received an update on Vincent and they were correct in determining that Vincent does have a defect with his heart that when he exerts himself it can cause the heart tissues to expand ...

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Tonight: #mencarechat on Twitter


Please Join Us for Today’s #mencarechat on Twitter Our #mencarechat on Twitter takes place tonight at 8 p.m. ET (7 p.m. CT, 5 p.m. PT). We will start by discussing: “Why are more men becoming caregivers?” and go from there. #mencarechat begins at 8 p.m. ET, 7 p.m. CT and 5 p.m. PT. Our chat is open to any and all family caregivers, male and female. To join in, go to, log into your ...

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Tomato Soup and Starbucks


Robert has been in the hospital since Saturday (9/14) with pneumonia and sepsis. So far he has been on an IV or liquid diet. Today they expanded his diet to include liquids. ?? What’s the difference? He can now have tomato soup and Starbucks Double Chocolate Chocolate Frappuccino. Yea!! When I arrived, Robert was up and walking with orthopedics for the first time since he arrived. Of course he only made it 10- to 12-feet ...

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