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We Break for Winter: With Whom Will You Have Hot Chocolate?


During our winter break, we’ve been out in the snow the past few days. So, now it’s time to come in for a break and a cup of hot chocolate. And, you get to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with anyone you want. Yes, anyone. Cher, Prince William, your best friend. Anyone. So, with whom will you drink your cup of hot chocolate? And, what will you talk about? Share in our comments section ...

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We Break for Winter: How Will You Skate?


When we were kids, my younger sister and I spent just about every day after school during the winter months ice skating. Our town turned a local field in a park into what we consider heaven: A skating rink. Round and round we skated, oblivious to cold and the setting sun. Looking back, I think: Skating is such an awesome skill; it’s like running on a thin blade across a slippery surface. It’s quit a ...

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We Break for Winter: How Will You Melt?


Where’s there winter, there’s snow. We shovel it, play in it, hope it arrives on December 24. We love it, until we have too much of it. Then, we want it to melt. So, what in your life needs melting? Do you have a cold heart to a family member? Toward yourself about an incident or episode in your past? Do you need to melt so you’ll consider other possibilities because a current option no ...

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We Break for Winter: Where Will the Lift Drop You?


It’s March, it’s still winter and we need a break. Beginning today for five days we’re taking a winter break.  During our seasonal breaks, we take time to reflect on what’s going well in your caregiving role and what needs tweaking. We’re also making our celebration a chance for you to winautographed copies of my books, The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey and After Caregiving Ends, A Guide to Beginning Again. For ...

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We Break for Fall: How Will You Play Today?


It’s Saturday and we end We Break for Fall! with a playful request: How will you play today? Play a game, play your favorite music, play hookey from housework, play a great movie. Whatever you play, make sure it adds to your happiness. Today’s the last chance to win. Share how you’ll play in our comments section, below. We’ll choose a winner from those who post an answer to receive a #coffewithacaregiver mug filled with ...

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We Break for Fall: What Will You Learn?


Today, our question is: What will you learn? I love fall because it’s the start of a new school year. As students in the school of life, we’re constantly in class. So, today, what will you learn? What would you like to know that you don’t? What technique would you like to gain? What question would you like to answer? And, if we can help you learn, even better! Share what you’d like to learn, ...

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We Break for Fall: How Will You Prepare for Your Future?


I love this time of year–the trees flash amazing colors while the leaves color and cover the ground. When I walk, I can hear squirrels wading their ways through the leaves, gathering their food for the winter. They’re getting ready for what’s next. So, today, I wonder: How will you prepare for your future? Maybe you’ll save what you can (see our A Dollar a Day campaign). Perhaps you’ll take a class, online or in ...

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We Break for Fall: What Will You Change?


We are creatures of comfort. And, sometimes we get so comfortable in a schedule or a routine that we don’t realize it no longer works for us. So, today, we wonder: What will you change in your schedule to make your day a little easier? It could be that you change how often you bathe your caree (from three days each week to two days) or when your caree has the last cup of water ...

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We Break for Fall: How Will You Add a Healthy Habit?


It’s tops on our list: Eating right and exercising. But, somehow, as the day (and days) go by, it stays on the list but not in our life. So, today, how will you make a healthy habit a part of your day? And, how will you make it easy on yourself so it really becomes a habit you fell into? We’ll choose a daily winner from those who post an answer to receive a #coffewithacaregiver ...

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We Break for Fall: How Will You Add Color?


We’re breaking for fall, the season of colors. The golds, reds and yellows paint our view during the height of the autumn season. Once September comes, it’s what we look for: The fall colors. So, how can you add color to your day? How can you punch up your surroundings so you look forward to seeing colors that remind you of nature’s miracle? We’ll choose a daily winner from those who post an answer to ...

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