Be a Volunteer

Are you a current or former family caregiver who would like to help one of today’s caregivers?

Terrific! We’ll help you reach family caregivers who need your help. You can help in person, via the phone or through email. You and the family caregiver who needs your help can create the solution that works for both of you.

To reach family caregivers who need help, just place an ad in our Classifieds section. In your ad, describe your previous caregiving experience (for whom you cared, how you long you cared, the tasks and responsibilities you handled). You’ll also want to share how you believe you can help a current family caregiver. If you can be a companion to a person with Alzheimer’s, great. If you can bring over a meal once a week, that’s terrific. If you can run errands for a family caregiver, that’s awesome. If you can call to check on the family caregiver once a week, that’s wonderful. Be specific about how you can help so you and the family caregiver are on the same page.

Some ideas on how you can help:

1. Call the family caregiver once a week to be an empathetic listener;

2. Run errands to the library and grocery store;

3. Bring a meal once a week; if appropriate, stay to share the meal with the family caregiver and caree;

4. Help a long-distance family caregiver by making regular visits to the caree;

5. Be a resource—let a family caregiver know they can call you with questions;

6. Provide a break to the family caregiver by spending a few hours with the caree;

7. Call the caree once a week so the family caregiver can take a few minutes to himself/herself;

In your ad, you’ll also want to include some details about yourself (age, kids, marital status, career) and include a photo. Include a link to your blog, especially if you blogged about your caregiving experience. You’ll also want to include this information in the profile you can create when you sign in to post your ad. And, be prepared to share references.

Through our Classifieds section, you can meet family caregivers who need help. We simply introduce you—we leave the rest up to you and the family caregiver.

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