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When the Magic Fades

By Professor Cob | Oct 16, 2019

The magic thread of its huge haunting spell,And that linked his life to magic kingdomsAnd to lotus-land –Tom Wolfe He’d tried his best. For the last twelve weeks, he’d hung his father’s shirts on the branches of a tree at Smedley Park, watched a horse race across the field at Linvilla, set his Dad’s shoes out on the porch, waited for a train that never came, and watched a ship with a mysterious symbol on…

Stop the Shrinkage!

By mariasc | Oct 13, 2019

Once born, we are receptive to everything. Through our school days we are taught day after day to increase our knowledge. We grow with every new experience and life event. All our lives we are urged and supported to grow and improve. A funny thing happened when I became a family caregiver. I began to shrink. Not physically but in all other ways that count. As weeks became months and years, my worldview narrowed. My…

The Wedding

By Denise | Oct 13, 2019

In 2015, during my parents’ ongoing medical crisis, my oldest sister stomped her foot and said, “I’m out!” Although angry with me and one of…

10 Reasons Why Helping a Family Caregiver Attend NCC19 Will Be the Best Thing You Do This Year

By Denise | Oct 11, 2019

(Editor’s Note: On a regular basis, we do our best to get as much help as possible for family caregivers, those individuals who care for…

Dementia Journal, October 10, 2019

By Oldlamplighter | Oct 10, 2019

It is getting more and more difficult to write this Dementia Journal as I fear I’m repeating myself and rehashing some of the same thoughts and…

Caregivers Are Time Travelers

By mariasc | Oct 10, 2019

Yes, you are and so is everyone here. Don’t believe me? Take the Yes/No quiz below. Have you mastered the science of doing more things…

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Northeast Regional Caregiving Conference: Sept. 21 in Monroe Township, N.J.

Join us on Saturday, September 21, 2019, at Springpoint Senior Living in Monroe Township, N.J., for our Northeast Regional Caregiving Conference! Anyone who cares or…

Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference

Our conference will bring together those who currently care and those who previously cared for a family member. Join us virtually or in Chicago Nov. 7-10,…

First Photo Project

On the first day of every month, we take a photo of our caregiving day and share it in our First Photo Project Group. On…

Community Reflection

On the first Sunday of every month, let’s join together virtually for 30 minutes for quiet reflection with a community that cares. Denise M. Brown,…

Pop-Up Care and Share

We launched Care and Share this spring and want to give you a taste of what it’s like to join a Care and Share. Join…

The Largest International Virtual Caregiving Support Group

When you worry and help and care for a family member, you become a member of the largest group of health care providers. Consider: 5,564:…

Making a Break Project

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by your caregiving responsibilities… If the thought of the weekend stresses you out, because you know you’ll be off work…

Monthy Virtual Chats: Owning a Business and a Caregiving Experience

At our most recent National Caregiving Conference, our panel discussion, Owning a Small Business and a Caregiving Experience, was a hit. We recognized the need…

We believe caregiving stress is an overlooked epidemic in our communities. Please take a few moments to tell us about your stress from caring for those in your family with a chronic illness, injury or disease in our simple stress survey.

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In Six Words, What’s an Amazing Moment?

By Denise | Oct 13, 2019 |

We’re honoring your amazing difference at our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference November 7 through 10 in Chicago. We’re also broadcasting our NCC19 General Sessions for those who can’t join us on November 8 and 9. As we get ready to gather, let’s share the amazing moments we’re experienced during caregiving. An amazing moment could be…

In Six Words, What’s Your Story About Your Intuition?

By Denise | Oct 2, 2019 |

Yesterday, during our weekly #carechat on Twitter, we shared an insight about our intuition. My gut told me we’ve got plenty of stories to tell about our intuition. Let’s tell them in six words. In our comments section, below, share as many six-word stories as you’d like about your intuition. Tell us about a time…

“There is no other caregiver conference that I have attended in my 30 years in this business that matches the quality of the attendees, events, exhibitors, and sponsors.” ~ Joy Loverde (, author of Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old? and the best seller, The Complete Eldercare Planner.

Will you join us for our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference? Our conference will take place November 7-10 in Chicago. You also can watch our General sessions virtually on November 8 and 9.

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Podcast: Focus Groups at NCC19

Tobin Ward, a market research manager with Genworth, joined me to discuss the focus groups she’ll hold  at the Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference. You…

We’ll Be Okay: Reason No. 84

We can powerless during our caregiving experience. Our power is truly our ability to care.

Webinar: Healing from Bad Days

During a caregiving experience, we can feel like the good days are behind us, leaving us only bad days. In this webinar, Denise M. Brown,…

Webinar: Healing from Hope Fatigue

We can lose hope to the doctor, the disease, our family and friends, our days. How do we keep it when we have so many…

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