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5 Things Worth Slowing Down for as a Caregiver

By Marlys | Sep 19, 2019

Michelle, a running coach, approached me. “What about a weekly walking group for cancer survivors and caregivers?” Michelle’s class was officially named Walking for Wellness but quickly became known as the Walking-4-Wellness-but-we’re-really-here-for-the-coffee-afterwards posse. As Survivorship Coordinator at the St. Charles Cancer Center, I volunteered as trail sweep. I was designated sergeant-at-arms when it came to public behavior. But I repeatedly failed. Just last week, the group commandeered a pirate ship in a playground along the river. And in the…

The Last Goodbye

By Goldie | Sep 16, 2019

When the end came, it came quickly and unexpectedly. My brother had finally talked Mom into letting him move her to Houston to be near his family. She was excited about the move and was telling everyone about it. I suspect she was still quite anxious about this change, how much so, we’ll never know. She didn’t make it to Houston. I was just about to walk out the door to go to the dentist…

Leaving: Three Views

By Professor Cob | Sep 16, 2019

Ron This part will be bad. I don’t know how I know it. I have fallen asleep in the lift chair Linda and Allen bought…

Dementia Journal, Sept. 11,2019: Dementia Storms and Hurricanes

By Oldlamplighter | Sep 12, 2019

It’s like being in a different world this week compared to last. I’m relatively relaxed, life seems to have returned to what passes for normal…

Voices from the Edge: Waiting for Dad

By Professor Cob | Sep 10, 2019

“As it was in the beginning, now and ever shall been world without end. Do we get more comfort than that?” ~ Joan Didion, The Year of Magical Thinking…

Grace over Guilt!

By Kristen Roden | Sep 10, 2019

This idea of giving yourself grace rather than guilt has long stuck with me. It sounds somewhat fluffy, ambiguous, cliche even. But when I really…

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At our most recent National Caregiving Conference, our panel discussion, Owning a Small Business and a Caregiving Experience, was a hit. We recognized the need…

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Tell Us: Why Is Caregiving So Lonely?

By Denise | Sep 18, 2019 | 0

During a caregiving experience, we feel alone. To those not impacted by a caregiving experience, they may find that fact — the loneliness of caregiving — difficult to understand. I thought it would be helpful to share why caregiving can be so lonely. In our comments section, below, please share your experiences with loneliness during…

In Six Words, Share a Lonely Moment

By Denise | Sep 15, 2019 | 47

We’re surrounded by people, sometimes a team of people during hospitalizations and treatments. Yet, during caregiving, we feel so lonely, as if it’s just us, the only ones impacted by caregiving. But we’re not alone, even during our loneliness. For this six-word story, let’s write about our lonely moments so another understands and feels in…

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We’ll Be Okay: Reason No. 84

We can powerless during our caregiving experience. Our power is truly our ability to care.

We’ll Be Okay: Reason No. 85

We can accept life’s invitations because we are worthy of receiving them. This moment is the perfect moment to receive.

Webinar: Healing from Bad Days

During a caregiving experience, we can feel like the good days are behind us, leaving us only bad days. In this webinar, Denise M. Brown,…

Webinar: Healing from Hope Fatigue

We can lose hope to the doctor, the disease, our family and friends, our days. How do we keep it when we have so many…

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