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Moments of Nerdy Joy and Caregiving

By Marlys | Jun 13, 2019

My flight from Oregon to Tucson included three legs and two layovers that totaled twelve hours from drop-off to pick-up. But I was prepared. I brought reading materials. And an intention to look for opportunity to do a random act of kindness. Or two. Photo: Pixabay Someone named Nanea Hoffman said this: No matter what…

Call for Volunteers

By Denise | Jun 13, 2019

Would you like to support others as they go through a personal caregiving experience? Would you like to add a meaningful volunteer opportunity to your week?

I Told Her She is Dying

By KarenLavinia | Jun 6, 2019

I told her. An hour ago. That she is dying. I didn’t say what my heart wanted to say — that I want her to wait, just a bit longer. If she can. Just wait…

What Are You Telling Yourself It Means?

By Theresa | Jun 6, 2019

I’ve learned something lately that has been helping. When I’m going through something difficult, I ask myself, “What am I telling myself that ____ means?”

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A Caregiving Comfort: Anchor

Once, you think, you were calm, organized, on time.You almost don’t recognize who you’ve become: Disheveled, scattered and angry.

A Caregiving Comfort: Normal

People will see your crisis and ask, “What do you need?” They may wonder about your response, which may be, “I don’t know.”

A Caregiving Comfort: Snooze

We deserve ten minutes to take a break. The challenge is to not give our time away because our fear tempts us to believe we’re not strong enough to get up.

A Caregiving Comfort: Power

You can feel powerless to your caree’s pain and suffering. No matter what you do and how much you try, it can feel like you both live with a pain that hurts the body, the soul and the heart.

We believe caregiving stress is an overlooked epidemic in our communities. Please take a few moments to tell us about your stress from caring for those in your family with a chronic illness, injury or disease in our simple stress survey.

We also want to know about your caregiving pain points.

Podcast: Alzheimer’s Facts and Figures

Claire E. Day, Chief Program Officer, Alzheimer’s Association Northern California and Northern Nevada Chapter, joined us to discuss the latest release of Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures. 

A Caregiving Boost: Still

During a caregiving experience, life still feels like it’s standing still. How can you move forward?

A Caregiving Boost: Silliness

Silliness isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity, Kathy Koenig reminds us in today’s boost.

A Caregiving Boost: Mindfulness When We’re Tired

When the holiday arrives, we wish for rest. When we can’t rest, Kathy Koenig helps find the energy to keep going.

A Caregiving Boost: Outcome

In order to move forward to get your needs met, you need a clear and focused goal or outcome. Loren M. Gelberg-Goff helps us start.

A Caregiving Boost: Full

How can we stay full of hope without giving into our fears which cause our craving for the junk food?

Webinar: Healing from Guilt Fatigue

In this webinar, Denise helps you let go of the guilt and embrace what’s possible.

Webinar: Healing from Support Fatigue

You may support so many that it’s no wonder you’re tired to carrying that weight. In this webinar, we look at accommodating versus supporting and how you can add more support into your day.

Webinar: Healing from Grace Fatigue

In this 45-minute webinar, Denise M. Brown, founder of CareGiving.com, will help you heal from the pressure to be gracious, including to those who go MIA or make our lives even harder.

Webinar: Coping with Decision Fatigue

You make decisions every day for yourself and for your caree. No wonder you’re tired of making decisions. Denise Brown, CareGiving.com, offers suggestions to help.

Webinar: Healing from Bad Luck Fatigue

It can feel like you only have bad luck. In this webinar, we’ll focus on getting over the bad luck so that we can feel good again.

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