Men as Spousal Caregivers

Jun 24, 2020

Male, spousal caregivers discover personal ways to find meaning and purpose in their caregiving and, in the process, challenge the stereotypes often attributed to this cohort of caregivers.

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And Then There Were Three

Jun 29, 2020

My brother came to watch our parents so I could fly home and be with my husband and dogs for my birthday. It was the best present he could have given me.

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After the End: Finding Rest

Jun 23, 2020

God did not heal Ron. But God did take Ron home to heaven to live with Him. And it is now, as I approach the one year anniversary of his home going, that I am finding rest.

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Kathy Murri

Kathy hosts our After Caregiving Ends every Sunday at 7 p.m. ET in our After Caregiving Ends chatroom. Kathy drove from her home in Massachusetts to join us last September at our Regional Caregiving Conference in Monroe Township, N.J. Kathy also became a Certified Caregiving Consultant last year and will complete training to become a Certified Caregiving Facilitator in February.

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Rachel Hiles

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You'll find ALilac, who cares for her husband, in our 9 p.m. ET evening chat in our Caregiving chatroom. Lilac, as we call her, is devoted to supporting others who care and is always ready with comforting words. She's a regular in helping man the chatroom during our annual 36-Hour Caregiving Christmas chat. She's spent her holiday hours in our Christmas chat for the past four years.

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Several years, I released a free ebook called “After the Diagnosis.” The booklet included tips and suggestions from family caregivers on how to manage after…

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Webinar: Healing from Bad Days

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