Some days can be cloudy and dreary. Some days can be sunshiny and bright. I was thinking this morning when I saw the beautiful sunrise that it is so much easier to feel joyful in one’s spirit when one can see the sun shining in all its brilliance. Even on days when we can not see the sun, however, it is still shining. It is just hiding behind the clouds.

Caregiving is like that also. So often we can’t see the blessings that are all around us because of the difficulties and discouraging moments of our days. I think we have to make a conscious effort to look for those blessings, however; because they are there even on the days when we have a hard time seeing them. Those blessings are there just as surely as the knowledge that the sun is there even on days when it is hiding behind the clouds.

Yesterday was a very difficult day for me with caregiving. My husband was not having a good day. He was hanging very badly to the side in his wheelchair. I also ended up having to feed him. He further slept away his afternoon. To top it off it was a dreary and foggy day.

Today my husband had a very good day for him. He was quite alert and did not sleep at all today during the day. Aside from the fact that I had to help him to the bathroom with the use of his lift, the day almost felt the way I think “normal” should feel. It also was a day where the fog had lifted and the sun was shining outside.

There were blessings in both my yesterday and today, however. Yesterday the blessings were just a hidden behind the clouds of my discouragement about my husband’s disease. Lord, help me to see Your faithfulness to me and Your blessings even on days which are very difficult.

I want to wish all my caregiving friends a blessed Thanksgiving. May you see your blessings behind the clouds of the difficulties of caregiving, and may your spirit be joyful.


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Please notify me:

Hi Sharon–Those clouds can be quite dense and consuming at times, can’t they? As you say: The sun, though, is always there. I hope tomorrow is a special day for you and your family. I look forward to hearing about it. Happy Thanksgiving!



Thank you for this post. It was very comforting to me. So true.

I hope Thanksgiving is a good day for your husband and for all of you. Happy Thanksgiving, Sharon.


Sharon, It is so true that we see the clouds more than the sun.

I hope you have many sunny days ahead and a very happy Thanksgiving!