Hubby + Wife + Hoyer Lift = HILARIOUS

**I was talking with someone about a Hoyer lift a couple weeks back. I thought I would send them my blog post on Hubby’s and my first experience with  one. I came here to find it but realized it was written before I started blogging here. I needed to fix that especially since it’s a story in the CareGifters COMEDY Book! So without any further ado, ladies and gentlemen, a blast from the past :)**

Hubby took a fall and hurt his foot, I eventually had to use the Hoyer to get him up and he angrily refused to go to have it x-rayed. He can wiggle his toes and bend his ankle but he is complaining. I think had he not been able to do that I would have jumped over his head to get him to the Dr but oh the struggle for him to maintain control and independence is so strong and I hate hate HATE having to strip it away from him. I did that once and it was bad. 🙁

When Hubby was first diagnosed, the Veterans Administration sent us some equipment for his needs.

Hand rails, bath chair, bed side toilet and raised toilet seat. They even sent us a hoyer lift.

At the time we received the lift, the item wasn’t needed. I did however know it would be used at some point. I stored it away. It came with an instructional VHS Tape. Bad thing, we no longer had a VHS tape player. I called and asked for a DVD but have never received it.

I found a you tube video that was some help in learning but to be honest, there is nothing like hands on experience. I’m a “Let me do it” kinda gal anyway.

Since I haven’t used the Hoyer lift, I had it stored in my closet. It became a pretty good rack for my clothes. I had to unload it finally as Hubby had taken a tumble in the bathroom floor the other day and no amount of coaxing was getting him to understand how to get up. I have already learned to NOT try and help. The result could be injurious to not only him but to me.

So after I surveyed Hubby for visual injury and made sure that all his limbs were still movable I was left with two options. Call for help, get out the Hoyer.

Hubby was very certain he didn’t want me to call for help but realizing I only had two choices he wasn’t much resistance when I wheeled the contraption into the bathroom.


If I was the type of person to make a profit off of funny videos I could have made a bundle this time. But I’m not so your imagination will have to do.

First off Hubby was situated in a very awkward position. Awkward for two reasons. One was position the other was that he was unclothed and not easily moved. I had to get Hubby moved from this tiny spot by the toilet into the larger more manageable part of the bathroom. I couldn’t slide his body across the floor so we, Hubby and I, tried to get a bed pad under neath him. We managed to get one up under him enough to put a sheet around his chest and under his arms and I was able to drag him to better positioning for the Hoyer.

Second, I needed to figure out the sling. I positioned it over both arms and around his back fastening the belt around his chest.

Pulled the sling down as low as I could and tried to get it under Hubby’s behind. Was only able to get it about 3/4 of the way but felt it was enough to at least raise him for better pad positioning that I could maneuver him a little easier. I attached the sling to the lift arm and as I raised my head I smacked myself on the head.

I raised Hubby a few inches and placed a pad under him. At this point Hubby gave up all assistance with me and just lay there in the sling. I decided to just go ahead and raise Hubby up and slide a chair under him. I forgot to turn the knob for Up so when I went to use the pump handle, Hubby’s elevator took a downward slide and Hubby has VERY WIDE EYES!! LOL!

Knob turned, for the correct direction I once again raised Hubby. The higher he went the funnier it appeared to me as his legs were stretching out and I couldn’t get him to understand that he should try to put feet under him. I FINALLY just cranked him up, grabbed a chair, slid it under him and lowered him onto it. WHEW!!

Needless to say we need PRACTICE!!

Hubby and I both found this to be an amusing thing and we both laughed. I told him we needed to practice getting him up and down in that thing. He agreed.


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Kathy, I still get a kick out of this. Loved your stories in the Comedy book! 😀

Among other things, you show that one (and one’s caree) can survive First Contact with intimidating equipment. I totally get the clothes rack approach. 😉

Awesome job.


Oh, my, I think we could feature a whole book simply called “Hoyer Lift.” When you have a hoyer lift, you have a story.

When reading your post, I was reminded of The Unit Known as Shandi (TUKAS, as I like to call her). On one Christmas Eve, she needed to move her mom so her mom could enjoy the festivities. The hoyer lift was her best bet but, oh!, how to work it??? She finally used her husband as her “caree” to figure it out.