On Saturday, Chris joined me for Table Talk. You can listen to our show via the player below.

We spoke about how the emotional decisions that plague us can really impact our ability to make healthy choices. I also asked Chris to compare his health now as he cares for The Little One to his health when he cared for Father Orlando, his first caregiving experience.  I wondered if perhaps the worry about facing caregiving again caused Chris to struggle to stay healthy the second time around. We’re continuing this conversation when Chris joins me for a follow-up show on December 22.

During our show, I asked Chris when he needs comfort. I’d love to hear your answer to this same question. What happens during the day or during caregiving that causes you to crave comfort–an understanding smile, a thoughtful gesture and a kind compliment? Please share when you need comfort in our comments section, below.

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Please notify me:

I need comfort when there’s different people coming at me from all sides yelling at me when I’m trying to help them.


I need comfort in being there for my caree when others are trying to push there agendas on me.