Video Chat: An Easier Transport Becomes a Winning Idea

Enjoy our video chat with one of the winners of Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging Innovation in Caregiving Award.

The winner featured in our chat is:

  • Transport-4-TwoPenny Trail Express: With her sisters, Joyce Rucker and Kathryn Braswell, Lisa Coleraine created the Transport 4 Two double transport chair, which enables a single caregiver to transport two people to a common destination. There is no other dual passenger transport chair on the market. The first prototype, made in the garage of one of the sisters by her son in January 2012, came out of personal experience. One of the sisters’ daughters planned to take her two elderly grandparents to the local mall. Neither could walk well anymore. Unless someone took the time to take them out, the couple stayed at home day after day. Where one went, the other wanted to go as well. If they both couldn’t go, they chose to stay home together. When the trio arrived at the mall, the granddaughter realized that there was no way she could push them both in a wheelchair at the same time. There were no good options to this problem — what she needed was a double wheelchair. Their creative solution, the Transport 4 Two double transport chair, has received a U.S. patent, and will soon be available online.

Rich Browdie, President and CEO of the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging, will also joined us.

Applications are now being accepted at for the 2016 Innovation in Caregiving Awards, which will be presented at the organization’s annual caregiving conference next November.

The Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging ( is a national leader pursuing innovation in practice and policy to address the important issues of aging. Since its beginnings more than 100 years ago, Benjamin Rose has built a Cleveland-based nonprofit into a nationally recognized research organization, a highly regarded service provider known for caring for people with complex, long-term needs, and a policy-driven advocate bringing information from around the country to the larger network of agencies serving older adults in the Greater Cleveland community. Through the Rose Centers for Aging Well, Benjamin Rose provides meals to homebound seniors and in neighborhood centers and offers social and educational programs to seniors in the community.


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