Webinar: Fifth Annual Working and Caregiving Survey Results

American businesses can lose as much as $34 billion each year due to employees’ need to care for loved ones 50 years of age and older. According to AARP, hidden costs to employers include the estimated tab of $6.6 billion to replace employees who quit or retire early. In addition, employers may be losing an estimated $6.3 billion because of workday interruptions as employees arrive late, leave early and take time off during the day because of caregiving responsibilities.

To better understand their experiences, we asked working family caregivers to share what it’s like in our Fifth Annual Working Family Caregiver Survey. Denise M. Brown, founder of CareGiving.com, shared the results of the Fifth Annual Working and Caregiving Survey during a webinar recorded on July 9. This year, 119 working family caregivers participated in the survey.



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