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Tell Us: What are your Caregiving Pain Points?

The care journey can often be derailed by health policies forming a confusing maze of rules, regulations, and paperwork that can create roadblocks to effective care for our loved ones. Despite these challenges, our stories of caregiving perseverance paint an opportunistic picture of the need for dramatic change.

At this year’s national conference (NCC19) we are introducing a two-day Policy and Advocacy Track for Family Caregivers. This track will engage attendees in a different kind of conversation, one that’s focused on empowering our actions to drive transformational change to address the challenges caregivers face each day – at grassroots, local/state and national levels.

    In order to build a strong foundation for the track, we need your insights!

Please take a quick survey on Caregiving.com to help us understand your current caregiving pain points & where along the continuum of care you are in your caregiving journey. The survey is:

NCC19 Track: Policy & Advocacy for Family Caregivers: Empower. Act. Transform.

At NCC19 we will connect the dots between the caregiving challenges you share and the policy issues that have created them. We will arm you with tools and information to help you begin (or strengthen) your advocacy journey. Our amazing difference can amplify our collective voices to transform the policy landscape of this country and improve the caregiving journey for all.

Please join the NCC19 Policy and Advocacy track if:

  1.  You are frustrated by your experience with the health care system and want to have a voice in making it better
  2. You have learned valuable lessons from caregiving and want to use that experience to help others navigate through the maze
  3. You want learn how health policy intersects with everyday caregiving issues and how you might may a difference
  4. You want to have a voice in the direction of medical research for the disease or condition in which you are caring
  5. You want your voice to be heard in the health care debate, but don’t know how or where to start

We look forward to seeing you at NCC19! And thank you for supporting us by taking the survey.

Mary Anne Sterling and Lisa B Capp


About Lisa B Capp

Lisa B Capp is a blogger, an activist and a dementia caregiving survivor. She serves as a co-chair to Alzheimer’s Association Leadership Board (Vermont), member of the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement (AIM), and AlzAuthors.  As a High Tech Change Consultant, Lisa’s worked with leaders of global business, government agencies and non-profits. Her passion for building strength through transition is now focused on helping others find their power through the caregiving journey. http://www.lisabcapp.com

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