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Enter Your Art in our Ninth Annual Caregiving Art Show

Our Ninth Annual Caregiving Art Show, which will feature the art of family caregivers and carees, will take place November 17 through November 22. Proceeds from our Caregiving Art Show will help support our CareGifters program and

Beginning today, you can enter your artwork for the show via the form below. The deadline to enter your art is November 14.

Here’s how it works: Any current family caregiver, former family caregiver and caree can submit photos of their art (whatever art you enjoy, including paintings, quilting, sketches, cake decorating, sculptures, photographs, woodworking, handwork). A family caregiver is anyone providing care to a family member or is affected by a caregiving situation in his or her family. A former family caregiver provided care to a family member. A caree is anyone receiving help from a family member.

We’ll display the art from November 17 until November 22 in an art show that will be featured on (Check out our 2018 Caregiving Art Show. Jan Shriver submitted her art, pictured above, in last year’s show.) During the art show, visitors will vote for their favorite art.

Based on visitors’ votes, we’ll award a cash prize to the art which receives the most votes in three different categories:

1. Family caregivers and carees ages 8 through 11; first-place prize is $30;

2. Family caregivers and carees ages 12 through 16; first-place prize is $50;

3. Family caregivers and carees ages 17 and above; first-place prize is $50.

You can enter as many pieces as you’d like; the entry fee for each piece is $10 in the adult category, $5 in the two children categories. Please complete an entry for each piece you submit.

Beginning today, you can submit your entry via the form below. Please submit a separate form for each artwork you plan to submit (i.e., you’ll submit three forms and pay three entry fees if you want to enter three pieces of art). You can enter as many pieces as you’d like. The deadline to enter your art is November 14.

(If you’d like to a sponsor of this year’s Art Show, please send me an email for details.)

Fill out my online form.


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