This idea of giving yourself grace rather than guilt has long stuck with me.

It sounds somewhat fluffy, ambiguous, cliche even.

But when I really examine my heart, and how much guilt actually does weigh me down, I realize the importance of this.

Trying to be a good mom to two young kids, a loving caregiver to my husband, maintain a relatively clean and cozy home, deal with bills, paperwork, phone calls, activities, ALL THE THINGS… it can feel a bit much. And of course, if I was more organized, if I got off my phone, if I did this better or that better or like Suzie does it… if I just did it differently, I’d be better. And the guilt sets in.

I know I’m better when I accept where I am, when I forgive myself for not meeting unreasonable standards, for gifting myself grace.

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How will you give yourself grace today?

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