I need to go home and recuperate from a pectoral muscle strain!

I can’t help Mom if I stay.  I am afraid I will injure it further. I have been dealing with the strain for three days and still trying to help, but sometimes the pain is unbearable. I went to the doctor to find out what was wrong and to take care of the abscess/ulcer on my gum. Suggestion: rest and antibiotics. I can’t rest here.

My brother will have to take over the duties while I am gone. He does a great job, but Mom needs more monitoring because of the recent UTI she is getting over. That’s the reason for the strain.  Mom couldn’t walk, was nauseated, confused and trembling. She often felt dizzy and would lose her balance. My brother and I helped her up and down the step into the den while she sat on the (rolator) walker. I have installed a ramp and she can easily get into the den now that she is getting over the UTI.

I can’t afford to get worse and hire someone to take my place. I’m flying home today for three full days to recuperate and hopefully I will be strong and continue this caregiving journey.

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I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. I married Greg after college and started teaching the same year. He was a horse trainer, and I sold tickets at the track working my way through college. After 17 years, we needed a change and we moved to Las Vegas, NV. We moved the summer of '89 when my daughter was 7. I rarely went home to visit. My parents are in their early 90s and during a visit Christmas, 2017, Dad pleaded for help. Although my brother was living with them, Mom needed me. I told him I would help when I retired. Here I am. Little did I know that this would turn into a full time job. Helping and living away from home has been difficult. I've decided to write about my experience on my personal pages, support groups and in this forum to reflect and get support as I deal with unfamiliar and new situations.


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Anita, I am proud of your for taking care of yourself. Self-care is so important in this journey. I also understand the strain one feels when they are away, particularly when our loved ones haven’t been doing well. Take these days to recuperate and heal and know that you are doing an amazing job as a caregiver.