restaurant-358238_640Connect with fellow NCC19 attendees for dinner and conversation on Saturday, November 9.

Join us for a Dine Around — dinner at local restaurants hosted by conference attendees. You choose where you want to eat and with whom. We provide the company and the venue; you pay for your transportation to dinner, your dinner and your drinks. Restaurants will be an easy 10-minute drive from the conference hotel. If you don’t have a car, use Lyft or Uber for transportation to and from the restaurant.

Your Dine Around options are:

bluFish with Debbie Howard
Join Debbie for sushi in Park Ridge. My parents live above bluFish, one of our favorite destinations for lunch and dinner.

Hay Caramba with Denise Brown
Join me for a casual Mexican dinner in Park Ridge. Hay Caramba is a go-to restaurant for my family’s celebrations.

Nonna Silvia’s with Susan Swetnam
Bring your appetite for an Italian meal with Susan at Nonna Silvia’s.

Zia’s Trattoria with Elizabeth Miller and Susie Morrell
Located about 15 minutes from the hotel, Zia’s is located in the Edison Park neighborhood of Chicago.

To join us, just submit the form, below, with your personal information and venue choice. We’ll send an email on Friday confirming details.

Fill out my online form.

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