I first learned about non-stick bandages the hard way. My father had fallen and scraped layers of skin off his arm as he hit the wall on his way down. An EMT wrapped his arm, from wrist to elbow, with gauze that the ER doctor later, as gently as possible, removed. Watching that doctor remove that gauze, stuck so solidly to the wound, was awful.

When I think of supplies everyone should have on hand, I think of non-stick bandages and paper tape. In particular, for those of us caring for older adults with paper-thin skin, the non-stick bandages and paper tape mean an easier time cleaning and dressing a wound. I apply an anti-bacterial ointment, then apply a non-stick bandage secured with paper tape and then wrap gauze around that bandage to cover a skin tear or wound.

(Note: I’m not a nurse or doctor so please check with your caree’s doctor for instructions and guidance appropriate for your situation.)

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