Call for nominations for the Caregiving Visionary Awards

Show your appreciation for the family, professional, or volunteer caregiver in your life, and nominate them for our sixth annual Caregiving Visionary Awards.

The Caregiving Visionary Awards honor individuals and organizations that act as beacons of hope for family caregivers and former family caregivers.

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To nominate an individual or organization you know or to nominate yourself, please complete our application. Deadline to submit a nomination is Wednesday, October 13. Our awards committee recognize everyone who’s nominated on November 23 at our inaugural Caregiving Visionary Award Show!

2021 award categories

  • Visionary Caregiver - This award will recognize an individual that has developed and implemented an innovative way to support family caregivers or former family caregivers.
  • Caregiving Advocate - As a caregiver and advocate, this individual will be honored for providing support for family caregivers or former family caregivers in a way that makes the caregiving experience better and easier.
  • Young Adult or Youth Caregiver - A growing number of younger people are taking on caregiving responsibilities. This award will recognize a young nominee that either cares for a loved one or provides support to others who care.
  • Family Caregiver of the Year - Honoring an individual who cares for a family member or friend, this award will spotlight a caregiver that complements caregiving with their own needs and interests while also inspiring others.
  • Caregiving Organization of the Year - This award will spotlight an organization that leads by example and inspires other service providers to make a difference in the lives of caregivers and their loved ones.
  • Tandy Spirit Award - Tandy demonstrated a true commitment to service in her work. She was a believer in the importance of supporting others and wanted people to succeed and achieve. In her memory and to honor her, this award will recognize an individual with like-minded spirit and commitment to empowering others.

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