Branding for CCCs


Branding for CCCs

Here's how you access our Canva account so you can add your personal branding to our tools:

Log in details:


Password: careconsult!

You'll find all our tools in the CCC folder. To access the CCC folder:

  1. Hover over "caregivingyears1" on the bottom left.

  2. Click on denise770's team.

  3. See photo, below.

To add your brand:

  1. Hover over the top right of the wheel or graphic.

  2. Click on the down error and then click on "Make a Copy".

  3. Click on the copied image and then click to Edit.

  4. Add your logo in the area available on the tool. On the Wheels, you can add your logo in the bottom left.

  5. After adding your logo, you can download the PDF and the graphic.

Please always be sure to copy a tool before adding or editing.