Caregiving Art Show


Caregiving Art Show


Welcome to Our 7th Annual Caregiving Art Show!

Enjoy our art show, which features the creative work of family caregivers and former family caregivers. You can click on each piece for a larger view. Scroll down to meet our artists.

Be sure to vote for your favorite piece via our poll at the bottom of the page. The artist who created your top choice wins $50.

About our Artists

Bonnie Blair
Art has been in my blood ever since I smeared my hands with paint in kindergarten. I am not choosy when it comes to art. I like it all. Art in process, is prayer and therapy. I am 61, and caregiver for my Mom with Dementia. I frequently feel the need to escape, and so, my art continues: It's when the world falls away. I am elated to have recently found the chats! I can finally join a support group while caregiving at home. I hope my work speaks to you.

Lillie Fuller
"Mom" is the last picture I have with my mom. It is surely not an attractive picture but it is very meaningful to me. It is my ART. I was alone with my mom and wanted a picture, one last one, with her and I so I took a selfie. This is what Caregiving looked like. Who knew that 4 hours later she would be gone? Rock 2 a rock I painted in anticipation of the 2017 National Caregiving Conference which will take place November 10 and 11 in Chicago. "Hands" is a picture I took of my youngest son Dale, age 23, sitting at my mom's bedside holding her hand. His tattoo is in memory of his sister who passed in 2008. He says the other sleeve will be in memory of his Grandma. For the past month my mom was on Hospice Care. During those long nights of me not wanting to sleep, I found peace painting rocks. Rock 2 is one of my favorites.

Laura Roehl
I have been a caregiver for my 87 year old father for over a year. He is on hospice, but is remaining stable so they are talking about taking him off. We have mixed feelings about that. Although it's great that he is not quickly declining, it is going to be difficult to get by with less aid support. I have enjoyed making stained glass creations for over 15 years. I haven't had as much time to work on glass as of late, but here is a panel I was commissioned to make for a friend from church for his mother. It makes me feel good that my artwork can bring joy into other peoples lives. I really miss being able to do it more, but know that I am blessed to help my Dad at this stage of his life. You can see more of my work on my fb page

Jan Shriver
My mom passed away two years ago from dementia. Last year I started exploring crewel embroidery and entered a fledgling piece in the Art Show. This year I'm entering three embroidered linen aprons.

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Congrats to Laura, who won for Hummingbird. \r\n\r\nThanks so much to all our artists!!