Caregiving Art Show


Caregiving Art Show


Welcome to Our 9th Annual Caregiving Art Show!

Update: Congrats to Su Lambert, this year's winner!

Enjoy our art show, which features the creative work of family caregivers and former family caregivers. You can click on each piece for a larger view. Scroll down to meet our artists.

Be sure to vote for your two favorite pieces via our poll at the bottom of the page. The artist who created your top choice wins $50. Voting ends at midnight on November 23. We’ll announce our winner on November 24.

Meet Our Artists

Teresa Brancato
I have been primary caregiver for my stroke survivor husband for 8 years. I had to retire from my job due to the demands of 24/7 care. I took up watercolor painting for stress relief and I especially enjoy painting my garden flowers.

Vandous Ford
My wife and I have been loving/caring for my Mother for six years. Each day and moment is an original event. Though the rituals of care are learned, the assurance of being trusted in her eyes lets us know she knows we care; just as flowers respond in nature.

Judith Henry
I'm an artist and a writer. This piece was inspired by my talented mom, Sally, an artist whose greatest inspiration was flowers. I created this work using her favorite paintbrushes. Whatever creative gifts I have can be attributed to her.

Su Lambert
I have been a 24/7 caregiver to both of my parents for almost 5 years now, they are 86 and 93. My mom has been a crafter for as long as I can remember and she taught me how to crochet when I was about 10 years old. Earlier this year she encouraged me to take it up again and we thought we would collaborate on an afghan together. Because our finished pieces came out different from each other, I carried on and she went back to her projects of knitting preemie baby hats to donate to the local hospitals. This is one of 5 projects I have completed this year. This is a Snowflake afghan, appropriate for the upcoming winter here in WI! It took me about 3 months to complete as I could only do a bit here and a bit there, mostly after I had tucked my parents in for the night. Surprisingly, I found it very relaxing to do which was a bonus!

Jan Shriver
Jan was a full-time caregiver for her mom who passed away in 2015. This year she's enjoying new fiber arts: weaving, crocheting, and punch needle.