Archive: Creating Your Self-Care Plan


Archive: Creating Your Self-Care Plan

Topic: Creating Your Self-Care Plan, a free webinar

You hear this all the time: When you care for another, you have to take care of yourself. The problem is that no one ever tells you exactly how to do this. How in the world, when your world is full of too much to do with too few hands and too little time, do you take care of yourself? You just need a plan. Just like your caree has a plan of care, so do you. In this webinar, we’ll walk you through your care plan and offer suggestions so you can make the best use of your plan.

Learn more about the self-care plan we've developed.

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i have been at this 15 years an in this last couple of years i feel like i am drowning from everybodys needs. they never ask what they can do to help but what they need from me... im supposed to solve every ones problem. i feel completly empty. i have a quad an a 3 year old completely dependent on me....i am 247 365 days a year an i know im tired an i need direction.\n\n


Loved this. Going to listen to it a second time to take some notes and come up with a nice plan for Michael and I. Thanks!