Webinar: Reach for the Star: Integrating Supports for Caregiving


Webinar: Reach for the Star: Integrating Supports for Caregiving

Title: Reach for the Star: Integrating Supports for Caregiving
Time & Date: January 26 at 4 p.m. ET (3 p.m. CT, 2 p.m. MT, 1 p.m. PT)
Presenter: Rachel Hiles

Description: The Integrated Supports Star is a strategy of solving problems and mapping resources that anyone can use. The Star helps you think through all of the types of supports you have or might need in any given situation, whether it be deciding what to make for dinner or figuring out how to help your caree stay in their home with the help they need.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to use the Integrated Supports Star to how to troubleshoot daily life or think through long term plans

  • See examples of how the Star can be used to map current and needed supports beyond government services (which often have eligibility rules)

  • Hear stories from real life caregivers using the Star to think through how to support their caree

Rachel Hiles is a 30-year-old aspiring local celebrity do-gooder in Kansas City, MO. She has been the primary caregiver for her grandmother for over two years, and has used the knowledge and experiences gained over the past twelve years building a career helping disabilities at the individual, organizational, and systems levels to help her grandma have a good life and age in place. She has her Master's in Public Administration with an emphasis in nonprofit management. She is proud to be a second generation AmeriCorps member! Her passion is where social justice and technology meet. Her specialty is making projects, programs, and organizations look good.

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